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The main method of collecting cash in Phasmophobia is by completing successful ghost hunts, but sometimes this method isn’t always the most efficient for money making. There are numerous ways to go about earning some extra funds in Phasmophobia, but if you’re on a time crunch, you’re going to want the fastest methods you can find. Keep reading if you want to learn how to earn money quickly in Phasmophobia!

Complete all Optional Objectives on Ghost Hunts

There are a handful of objectives you need to complete if you want your ghost hunt to be successful, but there are a lot of optional objectives you can complete to get yourself a bigger paycheck! The whole point of Phasmophobia is to embark on and complete ghost hunts, you might as well make some extra cash while you do it.

Optional objectives are randomly selected each ghost hunt, but there’s one that you’ll always have the opportunity to complete: identify the ghost. This one is usually pretty easy, especially if you’ve played the game enough times to recognize the signs of individual hauntings. The other optional objectives you might see during ghost hunts are:

  • Prevent the ghost from hunting with a crucifix
  • Have a member of your team escape the ghost during a hunt
  • Get a ghost to walk through salt
  • Find evidence of the paranormal with an EMF Reader
  • Detect a ghost presence with a motion sensor
  • Capture a photo of the ghost
  • Cleanse the area near the ghost using Smudge Sticks
  • Get a ghost to blow out a candle
  • Get an average sanity below 25%
  • Have a member of your team witness a ghost event
  • Repel the ghost with a smudge stick while its chasing someone

Raise the Game’s Difficulty

Phasmophobia can seem difficult even on the easy or custom settings, but you get much better rewards if you’re brave enough to try the higher difficulty modes. High risk means high reward in Phasmophobia; if you can get through even just a few ghost hunts on one of the higher difficulties then your wallet will thank you!

Instead of the traditional 3 difficulty settings, Phasmophobia has 4 (excluding Custom) hellish difficulties that would put most horror games to shame. The first two difficulties aren’t too bad, especially if you’re playing with experienced friends, but the last two are rough. However, if you can get through a ghost hunt or two on one of these brutal difficulties, you’ll be rich in no time. These are the difficulties you’ll be able to choose from in the game:

  • Amateur
  • Intermediate
  • Professional
  • Nightmare
Map in Phasmophobia
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Collect Bones

Collecting bones isn’t always the most efficient way to earn money quickly in Phasmophobia, but if you’re an experienced player (or just have a good eye for hidden items), you can get loads of cash just by hunting for bones alone! Bones are collectible items in Phasmophobia that you are rewarded with money for collecting.

Bones aren’t very easy to find in Phasmophobia; they’re located on every map, but they’re usually very difficult to find. Just because they’re hard to find doesn’t mean they’re not worth looking for, however! You get rewarded for taking pictures of bones and for collecting them; you also get more reward money the higher your game difficulty is. For example, you only get $30 for finding a bone on Intermediate, but you get $45 for finding a bone on Professional.

Complete all Daily Challenges

Completing daily challenges can seem tedious, but it’s actually a great way to earn money quickly in Phasmophobia. These challenges are easy to overlook, and in fact, most people don’t even pay attention to them; these challenges may not seem important, but they’re actually a quick and easy way to make money!

Three daily challenges will be waiting for you in your pre-game lobby every day. Most of these challenges can be easily completed in a normal playthrough of the game, while others will require a little more effort. All of these challenges are worth completing every day though; most of them are so easy to complete, it’s practically free money! These are some of the daily challenges you might see waiting for you in your pre-game lobby:

  • Get a Ouija Board response
  • Capture a 3 star ghost photo
  • Get a Spirit Box response
  • Discover the Ghost type
  • Buy an item in the store
  • Complete 6 objectives across multiple contracts
  • Collect 3 bones
  • Get a $50+ photo reward
  • Play 3 contracts
  • Play a Medium Map
  • Play with another hunter
  • Take a photo of the Ghost
  • Reach 0% sanity
  • Survive a Hunting Phase
  • Survive with only the starter items
Custom Presets in Phasmophobia
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There are numerous ways to earn money in Phasmophobia, but these are some of the quickest ways to get rich quick if you’re hurting for some cash. If you love playing Phasmophobia but find yourself getting stuck often, check out GamerJournalist’s dozens of helpful Phasmophobia guides!