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How to Build a Dressing Table in Dragon Quest Builders 2


How to Build a Dressing Table in Dragon Quest Builders 2

On: July 4, 2023

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is the successor in a unique spinoff series taking place in the Dragon Quest universe. While offering the same atmosphere and setting as the previous entries in the series, it introduces elements of crafting and construction similar to that of Minecraft and Terraria. However, unlike those games, this vibrant crafting-based adventure provides a higher amount of character customization. But before you can unlock that, you need to build a Dressing Table.

Serge is located to the right of the crowd, donning bright dark hair and a red outfit.

With this in mind, this guide will explain how you can change your appearance with the help of a Dressing Table. If you’re just starting off in Dragon Quest Builders 2, you won’t have to go far for answers. And if you’ve been playing for quite a bit, we’ll show you a few pointers.

How to Build a Dressing Table

To build a Dressing Table in Dragon Quest Builders 2, you’ll need to gather together some basic resources. The opportunity will arise once you obtain the blueprint from Serge in Khrumbul-Dun, The Land of Golden Sands. He’ll first appear when you initially ring the bell in Khrumbul-Dun.

Serge will speak with you about Babs and her presence amongst the “mire testosterone and triceps”, referring to the other men on the island. She needs her privacy to change, and Serge has just the right idea for it. He’ll provide Babs’s Bedroom blueprint and the Dressing Table furniture recipe.

Its description reads: “A dainty dresser with a mirror made to aid you in applying your make-up. Can be used to alter your appearance.” Of course, we can utilize more than just makeup here.

Expert Tip

If you’re wondering where more blueprints are located but haven’t proceeded with the main story, there’s a good chance some of them might be locked until further progression. Keep unlocking islands to have more access to recipes.

This will then trigger the Keeping Up Appearances description to appear. It gives provides us with the importance of maintaining decent looks with the following info: “You can alter your appearance at a dressing table. Any changes you make are purely cosmetic and won’t affect the strength of your equipment.”

With your newly-acquired blueprint from Serge, you can then build yourself a Dressing Table with these ingredients:

  • Wood (x3)
  • Glass (x5)
  • Copper Ingot

By taking these materials to a crafting table, the option to construct a Dressing Table will become available. It’s originally meant for Babs for the quest, though the blueprint will now be in your inventory.

How to Change Appearance

Now that you have a Dressing Table established, you’ll be able to adjust your outfit, sex, and cosmetics by accessing the new item. Follow the interaction prompt when appropriate to be taken to the character customization screen.

Here, feel free to switch up any of the available options. You can switch genders, adjust hair, skin, and eye colors, and input clothing items into the 8 slots alongside your character. These are Hammer, Weapon, Armor/Clothing, Shield, Hat/Hair, and three Accessories.

How to Build a Changing Room

Dragon Quest Builders 2 uses an extensive and involved crafting system. Borrowing characteristics from previous open-world sandboxes, it utilizes a mixture of item crafting and room building. By constructing various items, such as a Dressing Table, players are able to construct many types of rooms.

In addition to your Builder switching up clothes, you can offer the same gesture to the friendly NPCs around you. Indeed, the adorable companions and villagers can switch up their looks as well with either a Basic Changing Room or a Neat N Sweet Bedroom.

Crafting either one of these will generate more movement within the communities that you form. The Basic Changing Room follows a simple blueprint:

  • Dressing Table
  • Wardrobe
  • Light Source (Any)
  • Stool

How to Build the Neat ‘n’ Sweet Bedroom

A nicer version of a bedroom in Dragon Quest Builders 2 can be constructed by using the item in question as well. Known as the Neat ‘n’ Sweet Bedroom, it is constructed similarly to a standard bedroom. Players will need to gather these ingredients if the upgraded bedroom:

  • Dressing Table
  • Chair
  • Ornamental Flower
  • Light Source (Any)
  • Bed (Any)
  • Resident’s Sign (Any)

Embrace your creative space with these comfy options that will make everyone content. They will be able to sit back and enjoy their new furnishings thanks to your building expertise!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you change outfits in Dragon Quest Builders 2?

Players will need to first unlock clothing items and cosmetics, where they can then switch up their look with the Dressing Table.

Do you unlock more stuff for the Dressing Table?

DLCs Hotto and Aquarium will offer more cosmetic options, as well as completing the full original game.