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How to Change Clothes in Stardew Valley


How to Change Clothes in Stardew Valley

On: July 18, 2023

While Stardew Valley is a game that relies on a lot of optimal pathfinding, economics, and strategy, it isn’t only about function. You can also find yourself some awesome looking threads! Cosmetics, like clothing and accessories, are important if you want your character to look snazzy. But, how do you change clothes in Stardew Valley? Is it as simple as it seems, or is there more to it?

Fortunately, the process isn’t terribly complicated. Like learning how to rotate furniture or even remove bushes from your farm, all you need is a basic primer. That’s why this guide will explain everything you need to know about clothes in Stardew Valley, from how to get cloth, make clothing, and change your entire outfit.

How to Get Cloth

The first step to making your own clothing is the creation of cloth. Cloth is made at a loom with wool in a process that takes four hours. However, you can also find cloth by recycling soggy newspaper, killing mummies, or from the mail. You can trade three Aquamarines with the Desert Trader for a single bolt of cloth.

The Loom is your best bet when it comes to consistently producing wool. Wool can be collected from rabbits or sheep. It can be sold for the actually stunning price of 340g, but a Loom can make it much better.

Looms are made after Farming Level 7. For the cost of 60 Wood, 30 Fiber, and one Pine Tar, you can make Wool after four hours. Higher quality wool produces a chance at more cloth, rather than higher quality cloth.

Expert Tip

Selling wool straight-up is never more profitable than making cloth, since you’re only losing time when making cloth. However, if you have the Rancher +20% bonus, you might want to think twice about turning your highest quality wool into clothing. At 816g for Iridium Wool, your average sell price for Cloth goes to 846g, a meager 30g extra with a chance of you dropping nearly 300g if you miss the 50% chance for doubling your Cloth.

How to Change Clothes

If you want to change your clothes, you will have to make sure you have the clothing in your inventory. The right side of your character are all of the cosmetic slots. Select a hat – like the Bridal Veil commonly used to make a wedding dress – and place it in the slot to the top right of your character. Repeat for the Shirt and Pants right below it.

You do need to have clothes in your inventory if you want to change into anything new. Other methods of changing your appearance, like the Shrine of Illusions, will not let you change clothes. You need to either produce or find cosmetics in the wild to equip them!

Thankfully, once you have them, you won’t need to do much more. Simply throw the clothes into the requisite slots!

How to Make New Clothes

In order to make new clothes, you will have to take Cloth and an item to the Sewing Machine. Once there, insert the cloth in the left slot and the material in the right to make a new piece of clothing.

Tailoring takes no time at all. You just need to make sure you know what material you have before you head there! The game gives you no visible signs of what you’re about to make, though it does show which materials will produce actual clothing. You can’t fail to Tailor – you can just make stuff you won’t actually want to wear.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you buy clothes in Stardew Valley?

There are a few cosmetic clothes that you can buy, primarily in the headwear division. You must purchase most hats – specifically, the ones that come from achievements – from the mouse in the Abandoned House for 1,000g. However, some hats require different currencies or different stores. These include the Top Hat, Fedora, and Cone Hat, which are purchased elsewhere.

Can you sell clothing?

The only clothing item that you can sell, that appears cosmetically on your character, are boots or shoes. Since these actually give you stats, they are usually not counted as part of clothing, but you can sell them. Hats, shirts, and pants cannot be sold through any means as of patch 1.5.

Does clothing actually do anything?

No, hats, shirts, and pants do not provide any statistical or mechanical bonuses. They are also not used for any randomized quests, such as Help Wanted. Clothes just make you look different.

How many different shirts are there?

There are 295 different varieties of Shirt in Stardew Valley. Of these shirts, only 50 can be dyed.