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How to Catch Albacore in Stardew Valley


How to Catch Albacore in Stardew Valley

On: July 27, 2023

Ah, to fish in Stardew Valley. There are many locations and timings that must be memorized to make fishing a profitable venture. To avoid catching the most tedious affair, anglers should understand not just when and where to get a fish, but why they should look for one. The Albacore in Stardew Valley is a fish with rather specific prerequisites. But, for what reason should you catch this hook-tailed tuna? This guide will explain everything you need to know about where to find it and how to make use of it.

Albacore Locations in Stardew Valley

If you need to catch an Albacore for any reason in Stardew Valley, you’ll find one by any of the Valley’s beaches during Fall and Winter. They appear by the docks or on the Beach Farm‘s shores. You must be fishing between 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. or 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. in order to catch one. There are no special weather requirements, and it is a fairly straightforward fish to catch otherwise.

Non-Ginger Island beaches from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. during the Fall and Winter seasons is a rather competitive time. The Albacore fights for dominance against as many as nine other choices during this time frame, depending on season.

The night time is almost always the better time to catch this fish. The 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. window is both a much longer time frame and is less competitive for the loot table. Only five other fish can be caught during each season at this time, such as the Eel.

Albacore Recipes and Crafting Uses

The Albacore is a very basic fish in terms of how you can use it in recipes. Like all other fish in Stardew Valley, it can be used for the Sashimi and Maki Roll foods, as well as Quality Fertilizer. While it is not the least expensive fish in the game, its relatively low price and medium catching difficulty makes it good to craft with.

These are very basic fish, primarily used to sell for a profit. However, it’s pretty low base price makes it useful for Maki Rolls and Sashimi. These recipes, found from Stardrop Saloon and Linus respectively, are solid Energy restorers for low cost. And Quality Fertilizer is a good choice for any aspiring farmer.

Expert Tip

When it comes to cheap food, Sashimi is hard to beat. Befriend Linus to the 3-Heart event and you’ve got a 75 energy source that comes at the low price of catching a single fish. It’s also well-liked, where the basic fish is otherwise almost universally neutral or disliked.

Other Uses For Albacore

Albacore are surprisingly common for quests in Stardew Valley, with random quests often coming up with the poor fish. However, Gus will request one for the Fish Stew quest, and the Aquatic Overpopulation quest requires a whopping 10 in return for the Farm Computer recipe. You can also tailor with the Albacore, getting the Sailor Shirt or making blue dye with it.

Since it makes a poor gift — and selling provides relatively lackluster returns — keeping a small stockpile of this fish is not a bad idea for the eventual Aquatic Overpopulation quest. This quest, from the Special Orders board, will require you catch 10 of a specific fish dependent on season. You sell them for their base price, but you also get the Farm Computer recipe in return. This miraculous device tells you all about various Farming-based statistics, as well as which machines are ready and if your Farm Cave is prepared. It’s a useful tool to find information, provided you have the Dwarf Gadget, Battery Pack, and Refined Quartz to build it.

Otherwise, tailoring isn’t a bad plan! The Sailor’s Shirt can be dyed and looks great on any character. The Albacore is a relatively expensive Blue Dye, but works fine if you can’t find anything else. You’re not spiking a Diamond into the pot or anything!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Albacore worth?

The Albacore has a base sell price of 75g. This ties it with several medium-ranking fish, such as the Red Mullet. Quality and different professions, like Fisher and Angler, provide large boosts to this fish’s sell price.

Do Villagers like gifts of Albacore?

No Villager likes a gift of Albacore in Stardew Valley. However, Sashimi, made from a single fish, is well-liked by nearly every NPC in Stardew Valley. We suggest befriending Linus and making that recipe instead, if you want to make the Albacore a good gift.

Can you raise Albacore at the Fish Pond?

You can place an Albacore in a fish pond and raise them. They reproduce very quickly, and don’t require too many items to reach their capacity of 10. However, they only produce their Roe, which sells for 67g.