The Mammorest, the King of the Forest himself, is one of the most significant Pals players can encounter in Palworld. They’re a massive beast, juiced with a lengthy health bar and equipped with earth-based attacks. Furthermore, they’re also one of the first Alpha Pals to run into when players spawn on the Palpagos Islands.

At first, facing off against the gigantic Mammorest can be intimidating, considering their higher levels. But with time and proper prep, any Pal-taming adventurer can take on the giant creature at some point in their journeys. It’s a matter of when and how players must employ different tactics to bring down the Pal in question.

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There are a few things to remember when wrestling with a Mammorest in Palworld, specifically the Alpha Pal that roams the Windswept Hills near the Grassy Behemoth Hills fast travel point. It’s near the Plateau of Beginnings, where players generally begin their Palworld adventures. When players first encounter the monster, its health will be around the 3,900+ mark, though later interactions will see a change; the health bar can easily surpass 4,000. It all depends on the player’s playthrough.

Fire Pals to the Rescue

The Mammorest is a grass-type Pal, which makes it prone to fire-based attacks. With this in mind, attacking the heavy beast with fire arrows and fire-type Pals is the best approach to defeating a Mammorest. Some of the fire-based items that players can wield include the following:

  • Fire Bow (Technology Tier 5)
  • Foxparks’s Harness (Technology Tier 6)
  • Fire Arrow Crossbow (Technology Tier 15)
  • Incendiary Grenade (Technology Tier 41)

In addition to the fire-based items, some fiery Pals you can assemble for the fight will be of great use. While you can freely bring along any Pal, the Mammorest is strong against ground-type attacks. Stick with flying Pals who can provide some air support, such as Vanwyrm and Ragnahawk. Bigger baddies like Reptyro and Jornmuntide Ignis are tasteful friends who can aid you in battle, though players should be cautious with the giant monster’s ground strikes. Moreover, it’s best to avoid using your Pals as mounts, with the opposing creatures delivering concentrated attacks that can hit you, even when you’re swift in the air.

Regardless of what your Pals are capable of, deliver as much fiery damage as possible while evading the Mammorest’s range of attacks. The fire will deplete its health in small chunks, yet it’s continuous, so long as a fire burns. In battle, players have seen the giant Pal perform Earth Impact, Grass Tornado, Power Bomb, Sand Blast, and Seed Machine Gun.

Expert Tip

While extraordinary tech is your ticket to slaying Mammorest, it’s wise to level up your character to at least 30. By doing so, you’ll progressively unlock new items to use against the Mammorest and all of the other Pals. This will ensure that you have access to the necessary equipment.

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A single swipe from the big Pal can ultimately deplete your defenses. It’s best to dodge the mammoth Pal’s attacks whenever they strike, even if it means reloading repeatedly. While you can use the environment (such as the hill and the trees) to evade the Pal’s attacks, the game has a way of registering them through structures. Dodge when you can, and reload when you must. You should utilize the rising hill to throw the Pal off its balance. The Mammorest will attempt to climb the hill, yet you can quickly jump back onto the main battlefield. It forces the beast to retrace its steps. This gives you the proper space to fire off as many arrows as possible before it can get too close again.

Lastly, armor is a fine addition to the Pal-fighting experience. A couple of the earliest pieces of protection that players can craft are the Metal Helm (Technology Tier 23) and its Refined upgrade (Technology Tier 37), though the latter might be an option for a later time. Nevertheless, equipping armor always helps, especially in Palworld, when your shield can quickly drain.

Defeating a Mammorest will yield High Quality Pal Oils, Leather, and its named meat as possible drops. The Alpha Pal variant will drop Ancient Civilization Parts. Of course, you can always choose to capture the creature with a Pal Sphere, but this is up to you.

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Fighting against the Mammorest is similar to the boss fights in the game due to the time it takes to take one down. The boss fights are handled differently; there’s no doubt about that. However, a certain level of commitment comes from the players who choose to battle the Mammorest. Nevertheless, be sure to remember the elemental rules that govern how specific combative features function. If fire can beat grass, what else can the Palworld player learn about?

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