Eitr is the brand new magical useful resource that you will discover in Valheim Mistlands. It has lots of makes use of and might craft most of the new objects that arrived with the newest update to Iron Gate’s Viking survival game. 

You will have to enterprise into the Mistlands if you wish to get your arms on this new useful resource and Plains-level gear is advisable if you wish to survive the brand new biome—realizing find out how to make a Wisp Mild will be helpful. There are a number of steps you may have to undergo so as to have the ability to use this unstable substance. Here is find out how to accumulate and refine Eitr in Valheim. 

How one can make a Valheim Sap Extractor 

As Eitr is a magical useful resource, it is smart that it comes from one thing fantastical, like Yggdrasil’s sap, for instance. You will discover loads of the sacred tree’s roots in and across the Mistlands and the green glowy areas of the wooden are where you possibly can collect the sap. You will want a particular extractor to assemble the stuff although, and a workbench to assemble it with. 

To make a Sap Extractor, you may want the next:

  • Black steel x5
  • Yggdrasil wooden x10
  • Dvergr Extractor x1

Black steel will be discovered within the Plains and Yggdrasil wooden will be harvested within the Mistlands utilizing a black steel axe. The ultimate merchandise on the listing is a little bit trickier to pay money for, nevertheless.

Yow will discover Dvergr Extractors simply sufficient as they’re typically inside crates lined in blue runes at Dvergr camps. These NPCs aren’t hostile however when you assault them or attempt to steal their stuff, they will get fairly irritated. Principally, be ready to struggle them as quickly as you seize the extractor, or ensure your path is evident so you may make a fast getaway—although keep in mind they’re more likely to be hurling magic at you too. 

As quickly as you choose up the Dvergr Extractor, you may be taught the crafting recipe for the Sap Extractor and you’ll head to the closest glowy Yggdrasil root. Place a daily workbench first then construct the Sap Extractor to begin gathering the useful resource.

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Valheim Eitr

The kind of crate that comprises a Dvergr Extractor. (Picture credit score: Iron Gate)
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Valheim Eitr

Put together to run upon getting the merchandise. (Picture credit score: Iron Gate)
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Valheim Eitr

Arrange the Sap Extractor on the glowy a part of Yggdrasil roots. (Picture credit score: Iron Gate)

Valheim Eitr Refinery: How one can make one 

You will discover ways to craft an Eitr Refinery whenever you choose up your first jar of sap. That is where you may flip the sap into Refined Eitr which you’ll be able to then use for numerous new Mistlands objects, together with weapons and armor. 

Here is what you may want for the Eitr Refinery:

  • Black steel x5
  • Black Core x5
  • Black marble x20
  • Yggdrasil wooden x10
  • Sap x3

As talked about above, black steel and Yggdrasil wooden are each fairly straightforward to pay money for. You must have already got loads of sap, black marble will be discovered by mining petrified bone with a black steel pickaxe, and Black Cores are the Mistlands’ model of Surtling Cores and will be discovered inside the brand new biome’s dungeons. 

After getting the whole lot you want, you possibly can throw down a workbench to construct your very personal Eitr Refinery. There’s one final thing you may want, nevertheless. You’ll be able to add sap to the refinery on the entrance of the machine however there’s a spot to insert the gasoline on the prime. 

Naturally, this magical machine is not going to be powered by one thing easy like wooden or coal—as a substitute, the Eitr Refinery is powered by Delicate Tissue. Due to course it’s. Fortunately it’s best to have loads of the stuff from mining black marble as this useful resource additionally comes from petrified bone. 

A phrase of warning earlier than you begin making Refined Eitr although: Do not construct it wherever close to your base or something you do not need destroyed.

The hazards of Refined Eitr 

Refined Eitr is unstable. If left unattended, it would begin firing out small green bursts of firey magic in random instructions. Just a few of those laying round—having simply popped out of the Eitr Refinery, for instance—will not do lots of harm, however when you go away the refinery unattended and the ensuing Refined Eitr is left to take a seat there uncollected, you run the chance of the whole lot round it being destroyed.

Do not suppose you are resistant to it both; it is simply as more likely to kill you as it’s to demolish a sturdy constructing. Fortunately, storing Refined Eitr in your stock or in chests appears to do away with its volatility.