Upon accessing your menu in High on Life, you’ll notice that one of the tabs is for Warp Discs. Initially, you start with none as you enter Blim City and beyond, expecting to acquire at least one along the way. Eventually, you run into a businessman with a drug problem who, in a way, supplies you with a Warp Remote. This allows you to warp in small locations using specified discs. However, the game isn’t too clear on how to use them at first. We’ll show you how.

How to Use Warp Discs in High on Life

Players can use Warp Discs at blue warp signals to summon locations if they have the items in their inventory. Interact with these signals, which look like a vibrant blue tent of energy shooting toward the sky. Select your preferred disc, and their coordinates will relay a location to your area.

The warp signals themselves can be found in the worlds of High on Life. You’ll need to travel to different locations to find the blue portals, which will require a bit of backtracking if you’ve already completed a bounty or two. The easiest one to reach is probably one of the first locations you paid a visit to, Zephyr Paradise. Access the Bounty 5000, select the Portals tab, go to the Zephyr Paradise planet, then choose the Upper Valley section. Travel to the area, then head toward the hill on the left. A blue warp signal will be waiting for you.

Blorto Specials

Now, Warp Discs won’t naturally come to you. Even though you have the remote, you’re going to have to purchase them from Blorto’s in Blim City. He’s the food vendor who can sell you more than just “food”. There are six different Warp Discs that you can purchase from him, called “Blorto Specials”.

Here are the six discs:

  • Cutie Town – Free
  • Movie Theater – 3 Warp Crystals
  • Skate Park -8 Warp Crystals
  • Trolley Tracks – 5 Warp Crystals
  • Toilet – 5 Warp Crystals
  • Quiet Cottage – 10 Warp Crystals

If you’re having trouble locating Warp Crystals, chances are you might already have some in your inventory. Even then, these precious items act as currency, and you collect them by clearing out warped-in enemy bases and smashing lugloxes. The crystals are stylized by a purple hue, protected by a computer terminal somewhere in the base. Simply wipe out all enemies to secure the Warp Crystal for yourself.

Additionally, unlocking and exploring all six Warp Discs will reward the player with an achievement. Spend your crystals, buy the discs, then unlock all collectible warps to acquire the “Seeing All The Sights” achievement for 45 Gamerscore.

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