Tower of Fantasy
Image via IGDB/ Perfect World

Tower of Fantasy is a staggering MMO RPG that has you fighting enemies, solving puzzles, sporting epic weapons, and exploring the illustrious lands of Aida. That’s all good, but the question on most people’s minds is, “But can I do it in style?” Sporting a gorgeous art style and outfits, it’s no wonder people want to take advantage of the character customization to create cool characters. However, everything comes at a cost, you can’t just look your best for free. That being said, just how much does it cost to customize your character in Tower of Fantasy?

How Much Does It Cost to Customize Your Character?

To get to the character customization in the first place, you must open your backpack with the shortcut key ‘B’, or you can open the menu and click on ‘backpack’. Once there, there will be a smaller button called ‘outfits’, just next to your inventory. Once you open that, you will be at the customization menu.

Surprisingly, this game does something wonderful: it gives you a large range of outfits and accessories off the bat, allowing you freedom right away. With so many options and dyes, you’d better make yourself a masterpiece. Because once you’ve established your look, any further customization will cost you.

Any change made to your character design, from facial features to eye colour to physique, will cost you 100 titanium. You can make whatever changes you please, but once you’ve chosen what you want, you gotta pay up.

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And that’s just your character. The outfit that your character wears will come with its own cost. You gain access to a lot of outfits for free, which is a generous act from the developers, but there are some that will cost you a whopping 1280 titanium.

The accessories, on the other hand, can’t be bought with titanium. Instead, they must be earned through tasks or events, so they are more of a statement piece than a fashion piece. The game still gives you four of them to play around with for free.

If you can’t decide what you want, or are worried about things costing too much, you can head to the ‘lobby’, which will give youa huge display of other player’s published looks for you to steal or take inspiration of. You must copy the character ID of one you like (make sure to favourite it to save it) and paste it in the import menu. If the model includes items or dyes you don’t have yet, the game will prompt you with how much it costs, and you can accept or decline the look.