Now you can draw a circle too.

Jett Valorant
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Valorant is a very competitive game and even the slightest advantage can tilt a match either way. While there are many ways to get an advantage, one of the most basic ones is getting your crosshair right.

Riot’s FPS title offers a variety of customization options for crosshairs. Choosing a suitable crosshair is one of the most important aspects of a first-person shooter like Valorant. A lot of players like to use their own crosshair settings, but some follow professional players for the best outcome. In the end, it all depends on personal preferences and what goes best for you.

While you can play around with the game’s crosshair settings to make it look like a flower or smiley face, we will learn a more useful shape in this guide. The circle shape is popular, and we have seen a few professional players rocking it in their matches. Let’s look at how to make a circle crosshair.

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How to Get a Circle Crosshair in Valorant

Hallway in Valorant
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To get a circle shaped crosshair in Valorant, you need to follow a few simple steps.

  • Press the escape key and go to crosshair settings.
  • Reset your current crosshair settings to make sure everything is in its default state.
  • Scroll down and switch off the outlines under outlines options.

Once you have completed the above steps, move down to the inner lines and adjust them to make a circle. Here are all the values you need to follow to get a perfect circle:

  • Inner Line Opacity – 1
  • Inner Line Length – 1
  • Inner Line Thickness – 3
  • Inner Line Offset – 1

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That’s not it. You can play around the settings and customize the crosshair according to your tastes and preferences. You can change the color of your circle crosshair and even make it hollow or solid. Just remember to keep the shape intact.