Wo Lengthy: Fallen Dynasty’s deflect difficulty is a massively vital stat for defeating tough bosses and enemies, nevertheless it’s not one thing the game actually explains up entrance. In contrast to Nioh, its non secular predecessor, Wo Lengthy includes way more assault deflection than the common Souls participant is probably going comfy with.

If something, it is corresponding to Sekiro: you deflect a boss or enemy, filling a gauge that finally enables you to strike a deadly blow. That stated, Wo Lengthy does have another techniques resembling morale and deflect difficulty that complicate issues. In case you’re battling that first boss, Zhang Liang, hit the hyperlink for some suggestions that can assist you out. In any other case, this is how deflect difficulty works in Wo Lengthy. 

What’s deflect difficulty in Wo Lengthy: Fallen Dynasty? 

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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty deflect difficulty on a mace

Decrease deflect difficulty means the next spirit value for deflections (Picture credit score: Koei Tecmo)
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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty deflect difficulty - Water Virtue in the level menu

Levelling Water Advantage reduces general deflection value (Picture credit score: Koei Tecmo)

The deflect difficulty stat displays how a lot spirit it prices to make use of a deflection or dodge in opposition to an enemy or boss. Spirit Gauge is an important fight useful resource in Wo Lengthy, permitting you to cast Wizardry Spells and carry out Martial Arts. Vice versa, you may have to disrupt a boss’s spirit with deflections and assaults so you possibly can carry out a dangerous Deadly Strike to decrease their morale (and so too their difficulty). 

Consider it like all-purpose stamina: if a boss hits your protect in Darkish Souls and you do not have sufficient stamina to take the blow, you may be surprised, and the identical factor occurs right here—enemy assaults decrease your spirit, and if it hits that backside stage, you may be out of motion for a quick interval. This makes Wo Lengthy’s fight a steadiness between gaining spirit by assaults and deflections, then consuming that surplus to carry out further harm through Wizardry Spells or Martials Arts. Dodging additionally consumes spirit although has no likelihood to return it, not like deflections, so is usually much less preferable.

Completely different weapons have completely different deflect difficulty stats; the upper the share, the much less it prices to dodge and deflect. Usually, the rule right here is that greater damage-dealing weapons like polearms and maces have decrease deflect difficulty—that means the next spirit value—whereas swords and smaller weapons have extraordinarily excessive deflect difficulty, however decrease harm. In case you’re somebody who prefers to bounce round an enemy slashing them to ribbons with quite a few strikes, swords are undoubtedly the way in which to go.

Levelling your Water Advantage additionally lowers the spirit value of deflections. If you wish to use a hard-hitting weapon, however end up working low on spirit on account of deflect difficulty, this is likely to be the way in which to go. You may get to make use of a high-damage weapon, however its value for dodging and failed deflections will not be fairly so detrimental.