How Constellation Hyperlinks Work in Tower of Fantasy
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There’s a lot to find within the lush alien world of Aida. Whether you’re scavenging the extraterrestrial planet for objects, weapons and equipment or traversing throughout the land to finish numerous quests and missions. Although, you’re additionally prone to come throughout a number of puzzles all through your journey as effectively. One of which includes having to search out telescopes and put collectively constellation hyperlinks.

In this guide, we are going to break down all the things you’ll want to learn about how constellation hyperlinks work in Tower of Fantasy.

Tower of Fantasy is crammed with thriller and puzzles gamers can full to earn numerous rewards. One of the more difficult puzzles duties gamers with discovering 11 whole telescopes throughout the open world. Then utilizing these telescopes to finish numerous constellations.

Unfortunately, these telescopes are scattered throughout totally different areas of the map. With there being 3 in Navia, 4 within the Crown Mines and 4 in Warren as effectively. They’re additionally extremely well-hidden inside their respective areas.

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Once you’ve discovered every of the 11 telescopes, you’ll then want to attach them to one of many following constellations;

  • The Constellation of Bootes (Navia)
  • The Constellation of Draco (Navia)
  • The Constellation of Lepus (Navia)
  • The Constellation of Pegasus (Crown)
  • The Constellation of Taurus (Crown)
  • The Constellation of Aquarius (Crown)
  • The Constellation of Virgo (Crown)
  • The Constellation of Leo (Warren)
  • The Constellation of Capricorn (Warren)
  • The Constellation of Pisces (Warren)
  • The Constellation of Libra (Warren)

By interacting with one of many telescopes, you’ll then be prompted to resolve its respective constellation puzzle. To do that, you merely want to attach the blue and orange dots to finish the constellation. If you’ve discovered the right constellation form, then the traces will flip orange. If not, they may stay blue.

Once you may have linked the entire constellations, you’ll then obtain a Dark Nucleus as a reward. Which will mean you can cast summons within the Banner Profusion of Arms.

That’s all the things you’ll want to learn about how constellation hyperlinks work in Tower of Fantasy. If you’re concerned about extra Tower of Fantasy content material, make sure you try our guides part right here at Gamer Journalist. Where you’ll find data like the right way to carry out Jetpack Dash or all Relics in Tower of Fantasy and the right way to use them.