In area, nobody can hear you scream. And in Starfield, nobody can hear you having intercourse. That is as a result of, based on Australia’s’ Classification Board—the company accountable for score videogames and different leisure media within the nation—there isn’t a intercourse available in that exact darkish void of area.

Starfield has been rated R18+ in Australia, which means that it “is restricted to adults because it comprises content material that’s thought-about excessive in affect for viewers.” The score arises from the presence of drug use within the game, which the board has rated as “excessive affect,” the very best score attainable. 

Violence in Starfield is taken into account “sturdy affect,” which is simply sufficient to justify an MA15+ score, whereas the game’s themes and language are of “average affect,” which means they’re “mature” however nonetheless legally accessible to folks below the age of 15. 

In different phrases, the simulated drug use is in some way worse than blasting a dude within the face with a shotgun whereas dropping f-bombs on the high of your voice. Makes me marvel what they’re smoking down below.

On the intercourse entrance, although, Starfield is squeaky clear: The Australian authorities says there may be none in any respect. There’s a spot of “very delicate affect” nudity, nonetheless, so perhaps we’ll see a flash of ankle or one thing amidst all of the gunfights, demise, and dismemberment. (And drug use. Heavy, heavy drug use.)

(Picture credit score: Australia Classification Board)

Videogame rankings have all the time been slightly furry: You’ll be able to kill a person with a brick and possibly nonetheless squeeze below a “Teen” score (or its worldwide equal), however uncover the mistaken little bit of pores and skin for a couple of seconds and main retailers will not even put your game on their cabinets. 

However even by that commonplace, Australia has all the time been slightly hinky. For years, the nation was infamous for banning even mildly “mature” videogames due to an oddity within the Classification Board’s score system. The utmost out there score for video games was MA15+, presumably due to the outdated impression that video games are for youths. Regardless of the justification, the final word consequence was that something exceeding these pointers could not be rated as a result of an applicable score did not exist—thus, the have been “refused classification,” and banned.

Australia added at R18+ score for video games in 2013, which on the time was hailed as the top of its ban-happy methods. It slowed the speed of game bans, however undoubtedly didn’t halt them: The previous few years have seen bans of video games together with DayZ, Disco Elysium, and RimWorld. All these bans have been imposed for a similar purpose as Starfield’s R18+ score—drug use—which additionally virtually led to a ban of Wasteland 3 over the presence of “Rocky Mountain Moongrass.” Developer inXile Leisure opted to chop the grass with the intention to keep away from that exact destiny, and the opposite bans have been additionally ultimately overturned on attraction.

Starfield is presently set to return out on September 6. I’ve reached out to Bethesda to substantiate the absence of interstellar intercourse and can update if I obtain a reply.