Horizon Forbidden
Horizon Forbidden

Horizon Forbidden West has a massive map, and moving about on foot isn’t always practical. When you unlock the flying mount Sunwing, you can utilise it or another rideable mount. However, if you want to get from one area to another with the flick of a finger, you must also know how to quick journey in Horizon Forbidden West.

How to Fast Travel in Horizon Forbidden West?

You can quick journey through Campfires or with the assistance of Fast Travel Packs that you would be able to craft or buy.

How to Use Campfires for Fast Traveling

  • Campfires are indicated on the map within the type of a ‘fire and sticks’ image.
  • Open up the map, attain the closest location where you see the campfire and work together with it.
  • You will see three choices – two associated to saving and one for quick touring.
  • Press the Circle button in your PS controller to quick journey totally free in Horizon Forbidden West.
  • Select the place to go (just be sure you have visited there earlier than) and you can quick travel there.

How to Craft Fast Travel Packs for Fast Traveling?

You can both buy or craft a Fast Travel pack to teleport throughout the map. Press and hold down on the D-pad and craft one through the Hunter Kit. You would require 10 Ridge Wood and three Wild Meat for this objective.

Where to Find Ridge Wood?

Players can receive Ridge Wood close to water areas so open up the map and discover such areas to gather Ridge Wood.

How to Get Wild Meat?

For Wild Meat, you have to hunt animals and loot the our bodies. If you see a Racoon within the wild, go forward and hunt it right down to receive WIld Meat after which press Triangle to ‘Take All’.

How to Buy Fast Travel Packs?

You require 25 Metal Shards to buy a Fast Travel Pack. Approach a Hunting Merchant and trade your steel shards for the pack. Players can farm Metal Shards by killing machines and amassing the loot. When you convey the loot to retailers, you will get steel shards in return.