Horizon Forbidden West Fabrication Terminal explained

The moment has come to venture further west. You’ve made contact with Gaia, and it’s now up to you to acquire her characteristics. You now have access to a plethora of new choices, including the Fabrication Terminal. Horizon Forbidden West’s Fabrication Terminal looks like this.

Horizon Forbidden West Fabrication Terminal explained
Screenshot by Gamepur

The Fabrication Terminal is unlocked as part of the Eye of the Earth narrative objective. This quest begins immediately after you complete the Dying Lands objective and override the Repair Bay Core. After that, you’ll get access to a new feature for Horizon called The Base. The Base is where you may go to learn about new game features, access drones (if you have them unlocked), and connect with Gaia.

The Fabrication Terminal is one of the items you may have access to in your Base. This machine is related to the machines that you have the ability to override. When you activate the Fabrication Terminal, you will see a list of machines that you can undoubtedly override.

To be able to override a machine, you must first unlock the flexibility to do so using the Fabrication Terminal. For example, if you provide the Fabrication Terminal three Plowhorn Horns and one Plowhorn Primary Nerve, you can override the Plowhorn.