Horizon Forbidden West Alarm Antennas contract complete | How to

If you’ve completed Larend’s first contract, you’ve realised that he’s purchased a lot more for you to perform. After all, the armour isn’t going to appear on its own. Sure, the plates you brought him will make the armour more durable, but they will not make it more adaptable. That is where the antennae come in. You’re going to find some for him, aren’t you? In Horizon Forbidden West, this is how you complete the Alarm Antennas contract.

Horizon Forbidden West Alarm Antennas contract complete | How to
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Larend is going to need a lot of resources to create this armour. Alarm Antennas of Scroungers are one of the resources he seeks. Of sure, this will not be the finest job in the world. To harvest the antennas, you’ll need to be precise with your bow.

You can go to the Scrounger Site it exposes on the map, or you can travel to any location that hosts Scroungers. Scroungers may be found in a number of locations in The Daunt, including just south of the Relic Ruins.

Once you’ve located several Scroungers, you should aim for the antennae on their backs. Make sure you have some ordinary arrows on hand to just knock them off. You might wish to get three antennas for the job. After that, return to Larend and he’ll reward you with some Metal Shards and a Fire Coil.