Hood Outlaws & Legends
Hood Outlaws & Legends

Hood: Outlaws & Legends has arrived and brings a new experience on game consoles and PC. Although the game may contain elements of some popular team-oriented multiplayer games today, it seems to bring something new to the desktop. However, at the same time, developer Sumo Digital has also brought in some features that can already be expected, including cross-play in multiplayer games.

The main heist gameplay in “Hood: Outlaws & Legends” is interpreted as a PvE and PvP experience, in which four tactical teams use a set of character development skills for tactical attacks, and another team of four people use their own defense with its own skillset and game plan.

There is a lot to know about Hood: Outlaws & Legends are very knowledgeable, and having the best team is essential for success. Being able to play with all platforms is an ideal setting for crossover play, this is what Sumo Digital set out to achieve.

Hood: “Outlaws & Legends” supports cross-play when released between all supported platforms. This means that the pairing is a “shared group” between all consoles and PCs to create a fast time-out. If players want to quit cross-platform play, they can.

However, fans will want to know that when playing Hood: Outlaws & Legends, you won’t be able to invite players from other platforms at launch. This means that, for example, PC players might fight PS5 players, but the two cannot “meet up” on a team (eg, the cross-play feature of games like Apex Legends). Sumo Digital will monitor the cross-platform after launch and may add this feature in the future.

In general, the functional crossover game of “Hood: Outlaws & Legends” is a bit mid-step. Creating a “Hood account” will help with the cross-process save feature, but the idea of ​​not being able to invite friends and create squads on all available platforms can be disappointing. If players can compete with other platforms but cannot cooperate with them, the cross-play feature may not be complete.

Developer Sumo Digital seems to have a lot going on in Hood: Outlaws & Legends. In addition to the continuous crossover feature, the game also includes a dedicated server, custom lobby, anti-cheat software, cosmetics, freshman DLC, and Hood: Outlaws & Legends battle pass, etc.