The anime and manga art style has proven quite successful in the world of gaming. In fact, certain studios have based their entire careers around it. This is what the developers behind Genshin Impact have done with a sequel ready to expand the Honkai universe. The upcoming game Honkai: Star Rail is aiming to release near the end of April. With a fresh sci-fi setting and story, players will get to see a whole new side of the series. The way it appears, players won’t need to grind the previous games in order to jump into this one.

Honkai: Star Rail Release Date

The HoYoverse was born in 2016 with Honkai Impact 3rd which continues to thrive among other MMORPGs. The success allowed the team at MiHoYo to create the tangentially connected Genshin Impact, but the Honkai series is about to continue. On April 26, the next entry Honkai: Star Rail will launch on PC, Android, and iOS devices.

According to IGN, there are plans for a PS4 and PS5 port in the future. While maintaining the same style as its peers, it will also incorporate different mechanics and themes for new and old players to experience.

Despite the colorful appearance of the Honkai games, they typically involve world-ending issues that players need to solve. In the original game, players explore an alternate version of the earth as they try to rid it of chaos. In Honkai: Star Rail, set after the events of Honkai Impact 3rd, people have taken to the stars. The main setting is an interstellar train AKA the Astral Express. To make things more serious, the main character has something called Stellaron, which has the chance to bring absolute destruction. The party recruiting system returns but combat will instead be turn-based instead of freeform like the other Honkai titles.

MiHoYo has found a groove with anime-style games that are online with tons of potential for growth and seemingly endless playtime. The adventure will take its next step with the sequel Honkai: Star Rail which will come out on April 26 for all computers and mobile platforms.

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