The Dugbog is one of the few mystical creatures to exist outside of the castle grounds in Hogwarts Legacy. These beasts come in a few variants: Cottongrass, Great Spined, Stoneback, and Rampant. Yet no matter which types you encounter, they’ll all turn hostile. Wands ought to be at the ready, for more than one Dugbog can pop up during an action sequence. While dealing with these four-legged foes is rather enjoyable, the “Flip a Dugbog onto it back” Duelling Feat is a tricky maneuver that some students are failing to grasp.

How to Flip a Dugbog in Hogwarts Legacy

Students in Hogwarts Legacy can easily flip a Dugbog by casting Accio onto the beast after it completes its pounce attack. It’s indicated by the red danger runes that encircle the player’s head. Dodge this attack, then use Accio to turn the beast over. Since Accio is essentially the summoning charm, your target will get incredibly close to you. In the case of a Dugbog, it will merely capsize, with its distance only remaining a couple of feet away from you.

Once the beast in question is on its back, you have a few seconds to deliver extra damage as it struggles to turn itself over. This is the perfect opportunity to cast Incendio onto your target and any surrounding foes. The fire-based spell possesses only a limited range, which might make it out to be a rather neglectable attack. Therefore, we recommend slotting both Accio and Incendio into the same spell set. That way, you can quickly trigger the correct spells without mistakenly emitting another one.

Don’t worry if you miss your chance with the current Duelling Feat with the Dugbog. It will eventually reappear when you engage in another battle with the creature later in your travels.

Once you complete your Duelling Feat with the Dugbog, be sure to take a peek at your Field Guide Pages. Since Duelling Feats is one of the Combat Challenges in the game, you’re in a position to receive special rewards for your efforts.

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