Studying new spells and defeating Dark Wizards aren’t the only objectives on the agenda for a fifth-year student in Hogwarts Legacy. Outside the castle walls are a variety of wonderful characters that are in need of something from a special Witch or Wizard. One such character we ran into is Agnes Coffey, a vendor in Bainburgh who has lost their pet Niffler, Rococo. Agnes informs us of the general location: an abandoned dungeon known only as Henrietta’s Hideaway. It’s up to us to locate this little guy in the Rescuing Rococo side quest.

How to Complete the Rescuing Rococo Side Quest in Hogwarts Legacy

Firstly, before we can rescue Rococo, we’ll need to fly over to Henrietta’s Hideaway, located at the southeastern tip of the Manor Cape region. Ruins will be present, as well as Ashwinder goons. Feel free to ignore these foes and head toward the Merlin’s Trial activity of Henrietta’s Hideaway. Right below it will be the entrance to the aforementioned Hideaway. Use Disillusionment if you’re trying to go on with the sneaky method.

Once you step foot into the new area, you’ll be tasked with unlocking a door with two boxes while casting Incendio and Glacius. We’ve actually covered this section in our Hippogriff Marks the Spot guide. Essentially, the two boxes will trigger the door’s opening, leading you into a room with enemies and the Hippogriff statue. One is provided to you while the other must be gathered by the statue to the left of the door. Cast your spells onto the boxes, thus unlocking the door. From here, follow along the navigational cursor and the trail of Galleons as you navigate Henrietta’s Hideaway.

If this is your first time encountering the Hideaway, be prepared for more goons to appear. Most likely, you’ll have to obliterate your opponents in order to proceed. Otherwise, you’ll hang onto the constant annoyance of a Dark Wizard halting your journey.

For Rescuing Rococo, the pathway will introduce you to a trap. It comes in the form of a suction wall that pulls you in no matter how quickly you try to get by. Therefore, use Accio on the torch located on the other side of the trap; this will spring the magical mechanism, allowing you to move on without a scratch.

The next room will contain more enemies and two additional boxes to configure with your spells. One box is sitting on an upper level that you can retrieve with Accio; the other is on the opposite side of the room behind a mystical wall. Of course, deal with the enemies as you see fit. Then, use the two additional boxes with Incendio and Levioso to unveil a new passageway.

Proceed onward to the lower level which this fresh passage provides. You will soon encounter Rococo the Nifflier, surrounded by Galleons. Use Glacius to Nab-sack this little guy without a struggle. Be sure to also collect any loot you might have missed along the way. Revelio will assist you in highlighting neglected chests and quest items, including the Musical Map.

Once that’s all said and done with, exit Heniretta’s Hideaway and return to Agnes Coffey in Bainburgh. As you interact with her, you’ll discover that you have more than one choice to embark on in terms of finishing up the Rescuing Rococo side quest. You can either plainly return Rococo to her, ask for a fee for your efforts before returning the Niffler, or keep him for yourself. The decision is ultimately up to you. Completing Rescuing Rococo will reward with the Niffle Fur-lined Hat and some XP.

Also, you might as well sell some of your unwanted gear before departing from Bainburgh. After dealing with the Ashwinders in Henrietta’s Hideaway chances are that you might have scooped up a couple of undesirables. Therefore, get your Galleons while you can before the fifth year comes to an end!

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