Aside from all of the spells and unique enchantments in Hogwarts Legacy, students will also learn the magic behind potion-brewing. The game features 7 different potions, and they’re all produced with their own individual ingredients, which are mainly discoverable by exploring the world outside of the school. Not many resources vary within the game, for only several come to mind when in regard to foraging, looting, locating, etc. Today, we’re looking at the Invisibility Potion, which first enters the picture through Professor Sharp’s Assignment 2 quest.

How to Drink an Invisibility Potion in Hogwarts Legacy

If you wish to consume an Invisibility Potion, simply access your Tool Wheel then select the appropriate item in question. It’ll be amongst the other potions, as well as your available mounts and brooms. Once you select the disappearing potion (Tab for PC, LB/L1 for Xbox/PlayStation), drink it whenever you’re ready to embark on a stealthy technique. It’s F for PC; X for Xbox; Square for PlayStation.

Students can create an Invisibility Potion by mixing together 1 Leaping Toadstool Cap, 1 Knotgrass Sprig, and 1 Troll Bogey into a Brewing Station at the Room of Requirement or in Sharp’s class. It only takes 1 minute for the potion to fully produce, which gives you ample time to engage in other activities in the Room of Requirement.

You can find the ingredients by exploring the world of Hogwarts Legacy or by tending to your pots in the aforementioned magical Room. One of the best places that you can rely on is Hogsmeade, the village that is just north of Hogwarts. Parry Pippin at J. Pippon’s Potions sells both the individual drink and its corresponding recipe for future use. Single bottles go for 500 Galleons while the recipe is only marked at 800.

However, sipping up this disappearing drink will result in one ultimate disadvantage: its runtime. It only lasts for 5 seconds, though you are completely imperceptible within that tiny time frame. It’s inarguably stronger than the Disillusionment spell which lasts until the magic is disrupted either by you or enemy forces. It’s best to store a few in your inventory if sneaking around your foes is part of the action.

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