One of the many Duelling Feats that students can complete in Hogwarts Legacy involves a troll and its club. It introduces itself every once and a while, and it’s known to be quite a difficult one to accomplish. The grotesque giant evidently wields an individual club, yet we seem to be having an issue with flipping it onto its owner. How do we master this combative trick? It’s actually quite simple, for we felt fooled once we figured out the correct way to flip a troll’s club.

How to Flip a Troll’s Club Into Its Face in Hogwarts Legacy

To flip a troll, cast Flipendo onto it whenever it slams its club into the ground. Trolls will do this usually within a short combo or after charging at you from a distance. When you see the club, armed and ready for an attack, dodge away from the troll then wait for it to connect with the ground. This is where you cast Flipendo. The club will then smack its owner square in the face.

If timing isn’t on your side, you can always use Arresto Momentum to slow the troll down. It only lasts for a brief moment, but it’s perfect for delivering your own combos, let alone keeping your combo streak alive. The Raising Expectations achievement/trophy comes to mind, which requires a collective 100-hit combo from the player.

There are actually a couple of combative windows that you can utilize for flinging the troll’s club. Protecting yourself with Protego is a solid and promising way to avoid damage that can also provide you with a second to use Flipendo. Waiting until the creature completes its 2-3 hit combo is another opportunity to potentially rely on. You can always dodge these small sequences, though the final blow will provide a deflection to possibly cast Stupefy.

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