In Hogwarts Legacy, after the recent wizardry action that transpired in Hogsmeade, we return to the Three Broomsticks to speak with Sirona Ryan. They direct us to their Goblin friend, Lodgok, who has information on Ranrok, one of the game’s villains. Upon meeting up with the friendly Goblin, we’re offered a trade: his information on Ranrok for our brave retrieval of the Helm of Urtkot. This comes into play with The Helm of Urtkot quest, one of the main adventures that act as a part of the “Prepare For Your Search For The Final Keeper” arc. Level 12’s and above are only admitted here, along with the Depulso spell under their belt. But this quest also requires some extra wit from the player, for the Helm of Urtkot quest contains a few puzzles that must be completed before the item in question can be obtained.

How to Solve the Puzzles in the Helm of Urtkot Quest in Hogwarts Legacy

Lodgok brings you to The Collector’s Cave (Floo Flame available), where the Helm of Urtkot resides. Ready up these spells before you enter the underground area: Depulso, Confringo, Incendio, and Lumos. You’ll be running into a few rooms that contain moths, Inferi, and some platforming aspects. Each of these rooms will possess a sealed door, all of which are unlockable with moths and wisdom.

Moth Puzzle 1

The first sealed door will be the introductory phase into the cave, accommodating three moth pockets. Two moths are present in the room. Use Lumos to summon them, then cast them onto the sealed door. Nearby will be a cracked door. Use Depulso to blow it open; the third moth will be within. Bring that one to the nearly-completed sealed door to open it. You may then proceed onward.

Keep in mind that there are plenty of chests and abandoned Galleons within The Collector’s Cave. Be sure to grab as many as you can while you explore the area.

After getting through the first sealed door, you’ll eventually encounter the Inferi. These zombified foes are only killable once some fire has touched them. This is done with Incendio and Confringo, as well as explodable barrels. Deal with the Inferi as you wish. You can then carry on to the next room with a sealed door for moths, the next puzzle in the Helm of Urtkot quest.

Moth Puzzle 2

Two moths are present. Use one to activate the spinning mechanism in the middle of the room to lift a nearby platform. A third moth can be acquired from the top of the platform. Bring this one back to the sealed door then return your attention to the other two moths (with one on the mechanism). Cast these onto the sealed door to open it. Once it provides entry, continue on with your quest.

The next room will contain a hanging structure that’s relaxing over a set of breakable bars on the ground. Bring the structure down with an attack, creating a hole in the process. Jump through the hole then start heading west.

Moth Puzzle 3

You will then walk into another moth room; this one being occupied by Inferi. As any adventurer would do, take care of the Inferi before you can concentrate on the moths.

Once you’re ready, retrieve the northeast moth – this one will be used for the spinning mechanism in the middle of the room. Just like before, we’ll be using Depulso to activate the system, summoning a platform in the process. Use this spell to the max, by having the platform reach its highest possible level while standing on the said platform. When the top has been reached, recover the moth that’s sitting to the right of the platform’s higher level. Bring it across the platform (which acts as a temporary bridge) where the sealed door stands. Cast the moth onto the door, then obtain the third moth, which just so happens to be to the right of the door.

Finally, jump down to obtain the southeast moth, setting it onto the hoistable handle to the left of the door. Use Depulso once more to activate the mechanism, which will elevate both the platform and the handle. Climb on top of the platform, run over to the raised stand, retrieve the moth, then place it onto the sealed door. This moth puzzle will open the passageway to a tomb containing the Helm of Urtkot.

However, it appears that someone has stolen it, leaving behind only a Signet Ring on a corpse against the sarcophagus. Recover the ring, then exit through the passageway behind the opened coffin. This path will lead you back to the outside, where Lodgok is awaiting your return.

Deliver the news to the Goblin, who will then share his suspicions about a group of Ashwinders nearby who might be responsible for the thievery. And as fate would have it, they are. Fly over to them at their campsite to take care of business; the Helmet of Urtkot is inside a chest, in the northern section of the Ashwinder campsite. Upon obtaining the item in question, several enemies will drop into the scene. Defeat these foes to finally return the Helm of Urtkot to Lodgok. He will share information about Ranrok at a later time.

In Conclusion with Lodgok with the Helm of Urtkot

Although the quest may come to a complete stop with the presence of the item in question, the storyline will proceed with further developments on Rankrok, Victor Rookwood, and other trouble that’s stirring within and outside of the Hogwarts castle.

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