The enchanting world of Hogwarts Legacy would be incomplete without the magical creatures that roam its landscape. While there are many mysterious animals to discover, most players’ attention is drawn to the winged beasts featured in the game. Those such as Phoenixes, Hippogriffs, and, of course, the lovely colored Fwoopers. However, most players are unaware of Fwoopers due to how hard they are to find. That’s why we’ll tell you exactly where to find Fwooper Dens in this guide.

Where to Find Fwooper Dens in Hogwarts Legacy

There are four Fwooper Dens in Hogwarts Legacy. The first can be found tucked in the west corner of the Feldcroft Region. A good landmark for finding it is the goblin castle in this region. The Fwooper Den is just on a cliff below this castle, and you may need your broom to get to it. You can find another one of the Fwooper Dens directly south of Cragcoftshire, just up along the northwest coast of Clagmar Coast. It sits right along the lake’s edge, wedged between these two regions.

The last two Fwooper Dens are more in the middle of the map. The first is located northeast of Poidsear Coast. It is, however, easier to find if you travel southeast from the Phoenix Mountain Cave Floo Flame. Cross the river to the east from here and it’s right next to a bridge. The last den can be found in the cliffs west between South Sea Bog and Hogwarts Valley. Alternatively, simply head northwest of the Northern South Sea Bog Floo Flame.

Once you’ve located one of these Fwooper Dens, you’ll need to actually catch one of these beautiful beasts. This can be difficult since they are quite jittery and if spooked will fly away. As a result, you’ll want to use Arresto Momentum to stop the Fwoopers from taking off. Of course, you’ll need your Nab-Sack, and have to spam the capture button four times to ensure your catch. Now you can bring the Fwooper back to your Vivarium, and collect its feathers to upgrade your gear.

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