We all knew Hogwarts Legacy would be full of mysteries and puzzles for us to solve; we just didn’t expect them to put our problem-solving skills to the test quite so meticulously. Nonetheless, thanks to our spell-casting abilities, we always find our way to the solution. This is exactly the case when you accompany Sebastian Swallow through the Feldcroft Catacomb during the “In The Shadow of Time,” side quest. If you just can’t seem to find a way through the barricade on this mission, read on to find out the solution.

To find a way through the barricade in Hogwarts Legacy’s “In The Shadow of Time” quest, you need to place three skeleton bones around the entrance. Evidently, the bones that rest around the barricade are the hint here, but we don’t blame you if you didn’t pick up on that because neither did we. You can use Revelio to find the skeleton bones around the room. However, the most obvious pile is the pile resting on the altar in the middle of the room.

Once you’ve found a set of bones, use Wingardium Leviosa to bring them over to the barricade, and they will begin to pile up around the doorway. Now you just have to repeat this method with two more piles of bones, for a total of three, and you’ll be able to get past the barricade. If you need help locating skeleton bones, you can find some from the tombs behind the main altar. Furthermore, in the room to the right of the altar.

So, despite the fact that “find a way through the barricade” may give a pretty poor direction for this puzzle, the answers are right in front of you with the bones scattered around the doorway. Also, remember that when in doubt, you can always rely on your spells to get you out.

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