There are a lot of gamers out there who want a relaxing experience when they play some games but may be struggling to find the perfect cute game for them. Here are ten of our picks for cute games you can play on PC.

10. Slime Rancher

Image Credit: Monomi Park.

Slime Rancher is positively adorable and gives a very relaxing experience to players who enjoy a farming simulator that is a tad unconventional. While you can grow your crops, you are responsible for finding new Slimes and having a farm of slimes as you also explore the open world around you. 

This game is incredibly relaxing and has plenty of adorable slimes and characteristics to fall in love with.

9. Oneshot

Image Credit: KOMODO.

OneShot is a surreal top-down Puzzle and Adventure game that is criminally underrated. It is somewhat similar to Undertale but also has gameplay elements similar to Doki Doki Literature Club (without the violence), as it can create files on your PC that you have to investigate before you can return to the game. 

This title is innovative and fun, with beautiful artwork and a very cute protagonist. 

8. Hollow Knight

Image Credit: Team Cherry.

Hollow Knight is a difficult game, but it has a very beautiful art style and a sweet backstory for some of the characters throughout. This game is a lot of fun but may not provide the relaxing experience you are hoping for.

That being said, this game is worth playing, as you get to befriend some adorable bug characters along the way.

7. Cozy Grove

Image Credit: Spry Fox LLC.

Cozy Grove is what it says on the tin. It’s a relaxing game with hidden object elements to it. The premise is that you log in for one to two hours a day, complete the quests, and develop the story with each passing day. Some of the stories are a bit sad and can tug on the heartstrings, but the art style, gameplay, and characters are cute and relaxing.

6. Unpacking

Image Credit: Humble Games.

Unpacking is a very relaxing game, all about unpacking a person’s house and putting furniture in the correct place. As you unpack into your new homes, a story unfolds across the game, and some of the furniture is adorable. For example, the person has a collection of chicken plushies in all different shapes and sizes. Finding a place for them in every new house is fun and very cute. 

The game also allows you to place furniture wherever you want in the settings if you want a more creative experience that isn’t so linear. Unpacking is a fantastic game and deserves all of the love it gets.

5. A Hat in Time

Image Credit: Gears for Breakfast.

If you enjoy platformers, A Hat in Time is the perfect game for you. The game boasts an adorable atmosphere and excellent character design throughout. You play as a little girl who stitches hats to get powers. Travel through expansive worlds and recover Time Pieces to discover even more of the world around you. 

4. Spiritfarer

Image Credit: Thunder Lotus Games.

While this game is incredibly heartfelt and can even be a tearjerker at times, it has a gorgeous art style, soundtrack, and adorable characters to boot. It also carries a coziness within it, as you get to upgrade your ship, fish, and send people you’ve grown close to on their journey to the afterlife. 

If you need some help processing grief, Spiritfarer is an excellent game for that, as it has an air of lightheartedness around it and can tackle serious subjects simultaneously.

3. Dinkum

Image Credit: James Bendon.

Meet Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing smashed together to create a farming game that takes place in the Australian outback. This game has a very cartoony art style and some very cute animals you get to interact with along the way. For that relaxing element, players can sit back and relax as they farm and explore the vast world with different biomes around them.

2. Stardew Valley

Image Credit: ConcernedApe.

Stardew Valley is incredibly popular and has everything you could need for a cute and cozy experience. From farming, mining, and fishing, your character gets to take on quests throughout their time in the Valley, as well as building (or breaking) relationships with other characters in the Valley.

This title comes with a fantastic soundtrack that is incredibly catchy and adds so much atmosphere to the game. If you’re looking for an innovative farming game, Stardew Valley comes to the rescue. 

1. Ooblets

Image Credit: Glumberland.

While Ooblets is another farming game, it adds elements to the gameplay that make it stand out from the others. Surrounded by fun and adorable creatures, you get to collect all of them as you spend your time in the game and participate in dance battles! There are plenty of lands to explore and new creatures to meet, giving the player hours of endless fun. 

That’s our list of the top 10 cute games that you can play on PC. While a lot of them do have farming elements to them, some games on this list stand out from the crowd.

What’s your favorite cute game to play?