The Clans of the Plains quest is without doubt one of the essential marketing campaign quests for the Ohn’ahran Plains storyline in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. You are launched to every of the clans from the brand new zone and you may must reply some questions to check whether or not or not you’ve got been paying consideration.

In contrast to the quests Speedy Fireplace Plans or The Shadows of His Wings, the Clans of the Plains quest is obligatory, and you may want to finish it to complete the primary marketing campaign, which in flip unlocks world quests and simpler leveling for alts. So for those who’re uncertain of what to reply throughout the Clans of the Plains quest in Dragonflight, here is what it is advisable know.

WoW: Dragonflight Clans of the Plains solutions 

The Clans of the Plains quest sends you to the centre of Maruukai within the north of the Ohn’ahran Plains to talk with Sansok Khan. It is marked on the map so you need to be capable of discover this NPC simply. If you happen to’re in any doubt, head for The Norkhud Offensive dungeon entrance and you will find her a number of steps away.

While you communicate to Sansok Khan, she is going to ask you 4 questions concerning the clans and you may must reply every of the questions accurately to proceed. The Clans of the Plains solutions are:

  1. Teeral
  2. Ohn’ir
  3. Nokhud
  4. Shikaar

If you happen to reply incorrectly, you will have to begin over from the start. So far as I do know, there isn’t any penalty for getting the flawed reply, apart from beginning over once more. As soon as you’ve got answered all 4 questions accurately, the hunt will proceed, and you’ll proceed with the primary marketing campaign via the Dragon Isles.