Read on to discover the legendary voices behind the main characters in The Gunk

The Gunk screenshot
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The Gunk is an story-driven action-adventure game in which players take over as Rani. Who’s one half of a team of scavengers that must investigate an uncharted planet filled with unique biomes, ancient relics and ruins of an alien civilization. Being that the story heavily revolves around the two scavengers, Rani and her partner, Beck. Fans are curious to know exactly who’s behind these iconic voices.

Here’s a list of the entire voice cast in The Gunk.

The entire plot of The Gunk follows Rani and Beck as they explore an alien planet and try to uncover the truth behind what happened to the lost civilization that once inhabited it. Throughout their journey, they come across a strange organic substance called “gunk”. Which has polluted the environment and is believed to be the reason why this thriving alien society eventually died off.

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The Gunk mostly plays off the dialogue between Rani and Beck, since these are technically the only two voice actors that were featured in the game.

So, here’s the voice actor for each character.

  • Rani – Fiona Nova (Dead Little Roosters, The Laundromat off Malibu, and Red vs. Blue)
  • Beck – Abigail Turner (Cyberscape Neo, The Witch’s House with Voices, and Lego Spider-Man Series)

Other friends and foes pop up throughout the game, such as the Gardener and Hari. However, Fiona Nova and Abigail Turner are the only official voice actors listed in The Gunk.

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