Back in April, in the course of the Enter the Dragon showcase highlighting video games from China coming to Steam, we totally loved the primary trailer for a game with the working title of Outpost. Its bombastic mixture of informal missile-tossing, sudden flips between FPS and RTS, stacks of artillery, mechs, hordes of enemies, after which a robotic swarm right out of The Matrix Revolutions, actually tickled our fancy.

As effectively as a second trailer in the course of the Future Games Show, which featured extra zombie-burning and stop-motion basebuilding, we have additionally seen eight minutes of gameplay. It’s full of warnings that this footage comes from the playtest, “uses placeholder resources”, and “does not represent final quality”, however it does offers a clearer thought what Outpost, or no matter it finally ends up being referred to as—hopefully not a reputation that is already been utilized by two different video games—will really play like.

This footage, which clearly comes from a tutorial, reveals a participant armed with an Eclipse rifle heading out to gather assets. There’s walljumping and crouch-sliding, however not a lot want for it because the participant shoots zombies—sorry, mutants—who’ve tunneled their manner into the world from underground.

When the participant is instructed to “Pick up a Pyro protoslag” they get to improve their rifle, selecting between mild bullets for quicker firing and pyro rounds that set enemies on hearth. The tutorial textual content wording “open the protomag and skill it with protoslag to increase projectile power” is probably the most videogame factor I’ve learn shortly.

After returning to base they press M to enter command mode, and that is where it will get fascinating. Unlike Natural Selection, where one participant is caught being the commander who handles all of the constructing and such, it looks like you may soar into construct mode everytime you’re inside vary of an outpost and start crafting ammo or constructing turrets and tesla coils and so forth.

After a few rounds defending towards scorpion-like creatures with glowing tails, the Matrix swarms descend and all of it goes to heck. While a bit low-key in comparison with the extra over-the-top presumably late-game stuff we noticed within the first trailer, I assume this could possibly be an entertaining co-op first-person tower defence game, form of like Sanctum, Orcs Must Die, or Fortnite: Save the World, solely with extra RTS on the facet.

Outpost, nonetheless a working title, would not have a launch date but. It does have a Steam web page, and a Discord server.