For these of us planning to spend the weekend spreading (managed) democracy in Helldivers 2, there is a looming menace the game’s buckling servers will not permit it. Earlier this week, Arrowhead Studios capped the CCU (concurrent customers) at 450,000 within the identify of stability, which principally signifies that if that cap is reached—and it virtually all the time is —you will want to attend in queue.

There is a silver lining: Arrowhead CEO Johan Pilestedt has confirmed on X that as of now, the max CCU cap has been raised from 450,000 to 700,000. “Sadly, we anticipate the CCU to succeed in that stage,” Pilestedt added, although “we consider that the wait occasions will probably be far more bearable.”

Helldivers 2 tweet about CCU increase

(Picture credit score: X)

In an earlier put up, Pilestedt elaborated. “We’d nonetheless hit the restrict sooner or later however for now we’re above what we have now been capable of assist. We’re actively Monitoring the state of affairs.”

To say Arrowhead is having every week is an enormous understatement; nobody anticipated Helldivers 2 to draw the participant numbers it has to date, not least Arrowhead Video games itself. Pilestedt mentioned earlier this week that “in case you have no money, get it later”, including that “if you happen to spent your final $ and obtained caught in server queues I might be [heartbroken].” Issues will hopefully enhance quickly, nonetheless, as a result of Sony engineers have been recruited to assist out.

Helldivers 2 acquired a welcome patch earlier right now including an AFK kick timer (sticking round in wanted servers AFK is decidedly undemocratic) in addition to a bunch of different fixes. The main points on Patch 1.000.11 are right here.