As survival game Sons of the Forest continues to dominate the Steam charts, developer Endnight Video games has been engaged on making the early entry expertise a bit smoother for gamers. A brand new hotfix arrived as we speak, and whereas it is a small one it addresses a few large requests from the neighborhood.

Sons of the Forest did not have a hotkey system at launch, so gamers may solely get an merchandise into their fingers by opening their stock and clicking on the merchandise they wanted, or by including gadgets to their backpack, then holding their backpack up and selecting the merchandise or weapon they needed from that. The system wasn’t precisely person pleasant and felt a bit awkward, particularly when being chased round by enraged cannibals.

However a hotkey system has blessedly been added in as we speak’s hotfix. Now you may assign gadgets to your quantity keys (0-9) whereas utilizing your stock. Simply hover over one thing like a pistol, shotgun, or bow, and you may see a small empty UI field seem over the merchandise. Press a quantity between 0 and 9 and it will be assigned to that key. Whereas taking part in, simply faucet that quantity and the assigned merchandise will pop right into your fingers. Ahh, so significantly better.

One other few small however welcome tweaks: tapping Escape will now shut the development guide, the ‘seize bag’ (while you’re holding up your backpack), and the tutorial guide, which improves the clunky interface a bit. Cutscene prompts have additionally been improved for extra visibility, and a few extra hints have been added to the loading display screen.

Be aware: For those who occur to be utilizing mods, such because the debug console mod that allows you to mess around with Sons of the Forest cheats, you might have bother working these mods following the hotfix. At first I could not launch the game with mods, however a fast exit and restart of Steam and the Thunderstore mod supervisor sorted that out, and the whole lot appears to be working because it did earlier than.

Listed below are the complete notes for as we speak’s hotfix:

  • Added hotkey system for keyboard/mouse. Assign hotkeys in stock by pressing numerical keys 0 by 9 on hovered gadgets in stock
  • Added trace for hotkeys to loading display screen
  • Improved cutscene skip immediate; will now seem briefly at begin or show when widespread skip keys are pressed (esc, area, and so forth)
  • Added heavy assault tutorial to loading hints
  • ‘Again’ (default Esc) will shut Tutorial guide, Building guide and Seize bag interactions