Think about being concerned that you simply’d upset somebody at an occasion a lot they left, solely to search out out it was often because the venue (and doubtless you too) stank so unhealthy they could not deal with it anymore. That is what occurred at a latest Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh occasion, which has gone viral on Twitter after one participant revealed she could not stand to be in such a pungent setting.

As reported by ComicBook, it began when one Japanese participant who attended the occasion tweeted about his expertise interacting with a lady who was additionally there to compete. In response to a machine translation, she had revealed it was her first time there however left quickly after, prompting the participant to surprise if it was as a result of she’d misplaced.

Seems that, uh, wasn’t fairly the case. The lady in query got here to Twitter to disclose that her leaving had nothing to do with shedding or her interplay with the opposite participant, however due to how unhealthy the stench was inside the cardboard store. “I left midway by as a result of I could not stand the odor,” she tweeted. “It isn’t like I misplaced or was unhappy.”

Bit awkward. When somebody responded to inform her how humorous they thought it was, she replied saying “It smelled so unhealthy it was no laughing matter.” When one other consumer stated “No surprise the variety of feminine duelists aren’t growing,” she replied with “There are some smelly feminine duelists, however the males are in a category of their very own.”

A tweet from @Madoka_ygo translated from Japanese to English.

(Picture credit score: @Madoka_ygo through Twitter)

The stench-y claims made their method again to the unique tweeter, who was fast to hop on the defensive. “I believe I am okay as a result of I take a shower on daily basis,” he tweeted. “Saying that individuals who play Yu-Gi-Oh! stink is a prejudice […] Previously, the odor was an issue, so we took measures resembling putting in industrial air purifiers. I’ve heard that the odor has improved since then, so I believe there have been some outcomes.”

He continued his rebuttal by claiming “The accounts of those that are saying it stinks additionally are not associated to the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game. I believe they’re simply leaping on the bandwagon. I believe it is wonderful as a result of the odor is not noticeable in precise card outlets.”

Now pay attention. I labored in a secondhand game and electronics retailer for quite a few years. I’ve attended a superb handful of gaming occasions, expos and tournaments in my life. I have been subjected to the dreaded Gamer Stank that might be acquainted to so many and it could possibly positively be ripe. It will also be utterly undetectable to those that are actively stewing in it, as many replies to the unique tweeter’s defence level out. 

Is it a sweeping generalisation to say all players who’re a part of a specific TCG or videogame neighborhood stink? Completely. Do I sincerely imagine the girl left the occasion as a result of her nostrils could not take a battering anymore? As somebody who’s needed to do the identical up to now, completely. 

Whereas it is unlucky for each the offending pongy gamers and the girl who felt it was so unhealthy she needed to depart, I can not assist however have slightly giggle about all of it. It does not seem that the occasion was a aggressive event, reasonably only a informal occasion, so no cash or potential victories had been misplaced. Possibly simply give your armpits a fast whiff subsequent time you stroll into a store or event venue.