Halo Infinite
Halo Infinite

Ransom Keep is one of the first objectives you may complete in the Halo Infinite campaign. In this objective you have to pick up some collectibles from each of the outposts. If you want to complete the Halo Infinite campaign 100%, then this clearing this objective is a must.

Here are the locations where you may locate each of them:

  • UNSC Log 1: Proceed to the base’s southern portion. Then go to the southern cliff, next to the wrecked Warthog. You can find it near a damaged gear.
  • UNSC Log 2: Ascend to the top of the southern cliff with the overhead lights, using the grappleshot from the south of the station. At the top of the cliff you can find it.
  • Banished Log 1: Go to the walled-in area and look around the stack of tank treads.
  • Banished Log 2: Just inside the building’s entryway. Use the AI scan to determine break in through point.
  • Spartan Core: Located near the southern fuel silo on a pile of supplies.