In case you missed 2020’s hit roguelike Hades, it is crammed to the brim with gods and goddesses from Greek mythology. And you get to know every of them fairly properly, as you die again and again as you attempt to battle your manner out of hell. Most of the large names are there: Athena, Dionysus, Zeus, and extra. But there have been another gods left off the cast checklist, together with Apollo, son of Zeus and twin brother to Artemis. A pair years later, that blasphemous omission has been rectified: Thanks to this fan mod, you may add the god of music to your subsequent Hades run. 

Published by AlexKage on Nexusmods and noticed by ResetEra, the OlympusExtra mod goals to broaden on the pantheon Hades already gives. Though Apollo is the one addition in the intervening time, there are plans to additionally embrace Hera, Hestia and Hephaestus within the line up. Right now Apollo is the main target, so let’s take a look at what his powers entail. 

As with any of the opposite gods, there are boons and a memento to be collected as you play. Additionally, there are duo boons for Artemis, Ares, Aphrodite, and Demeter. If you hit a chamber where you must select between Apollo’s energy and one other god’s, there’s additionally an Apollo’s Wrath occasion where he throws somewhat tantrum for being second selection. He actually is Zeus’s son.

Even with simply Apollo OlympusExtra is already fairly fleshed out, and oh my goodness the art work for Apollo seems to be prefer it’s right out of the unique game, harp bow and all. The mod continues to be a work-in-progress, with extra duo boons deliberate and voice traces and distinctive sound results at present lacking.

The web page on Nexusmods does not show every thing it provides with Apollo, however there are already movies of individuals taking part in the mod on the market which may give you a greater overview. 

Apollo’s signature curse which nerfs your enemies known as Blind. The description on Github where AlexKage homes the mod’s code describes it like this: “For at least 3 seconds, victims have a 50% chance to miss their next attack.” The boons you accumulate will inflict Blind in numerous methods, but additionally there are extra results comparable to Blind-afflicted foes taking extra harm, and even fountains providing you with harm resist or additional coin. Apollo on this interpretation appears to be a self-obsessed musician, so in fact he likes somewhat more money.

We’ll be maintaining a tally of OlympusExtra for these additional gods, as we might like to see how they play too.