Have you ever wondered what the most powerful weapon there is in Gunfire Reborn? It’s easy to say that everyone has their preference, but we discovered one particular submachine gun that deals nasty damage like no other. Introducing the Demonlore, a rapid-fire weapon in red with a devilish design, created for the sake of taking down enemies quickly and efficiently. After going through so many runs, it will take some time to obtain this submachine gun. Just how long, you ask? We’ll briefly go over this tiny tool of destruction with our guide on getting the Demonlore in Gunfire Reborn.

How to Unlock Demonlore in Gunfire Reborn

Players will unlock the Demonlore submachine gun after eliminating 40 Arrogant Lobsters in the Duo Fjord act, which is the third one in the game. Not only must you progress through acts 1 and 2, but you also need to continuously visit Duo Fjord in all possible areas to find the Arrogant Lobsters. The heavy foes in red are merely skilled in projecting fireballs, so they definitely won’t be hard to miss. Additionally, you can defeat these enemies on any difficulty since the prerequisites don’t state otherwise.

Upon obtaining the Demonlore, you’ll find that this firearm is quick, small, and dangerous. Its base damage only begins at 30, but each Critical Hit with this weapon will increase the overall damage. In other words, more Critical Hits equal more vanquished enemies. Its CritX is set at 3x, which means that more Critical Hits are possible as long as you have bullets. Reloading or swapping your weapons will reset the counter. It does have a Reload Time of 1.3, so you won’t need to worry about long magazine replacements for this one.

It’s important to keep in mind that the Demonlore comes with a 14 RoF, making the bullet spread a bit messy. Try and steady your aim when taking down elites and bosses to ensure promising results, though unfocused bullet fire is useful against weaker enemies, especially in groups. Even though its Magazine Capacity starts at 30, you can rely on Inscriptions to increase damage, accuracy, and stability outputs. Inscriptions will always help a weapon with its deliverance. With a 10% Elemental Effect Chance, the only aspect stopping you is the lack of ammunition. Make sure you locate any upgrades that can boost your ammo intake while going through the acts and their Vaults.

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