Grounded Sandbox
Grounded Sandbox

Accessing new areas like sandpit and the picnic table in Grounded that were added to the Hot and Hazy update can be tricky. Getting inside them takes a lot of work and strategy. Here we will show you all the possible ways you can access the Grounded Sandbox.

Route 1:

The Black Anthill is near the trashbags and has an opening in the Sandbox. If you proceed north from the Trash area, you’ll ultimately locate the exit that leads to the pit. This method requires preperation as the Trash area is poisonous.

Route 2:

Building the Zipline from the picnic table is most likely the simplest and advised way. Constructing a zipline takes 12 Silk Rope. You may get access to the picnic table by knocking over a nearby shovel located at SE of the table. Then, after you’ve reached the top of the table, take the zipline to drop you in the sandbox.

Route 3:

You can also construct all the way to the top. Though this is not advised if you wish to accomplish this, you can start at the far south end of the area. Climb on top of a item and create ramps until you reach the ledge. This method takes considerable amount of time and resources.

Grounded Sandbox Location and how to get inside

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