Best Perks for Scooby Doo in MultiVersus
Image via Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

In a strange, almost multiversal turn of events, Norville Rogers, also known as Shaggy, has entered the MultiVersus arena! It seems strange that he wouldn’t be joined by his faithful canine companion, the one, the only, Scoobert Doo. But, if a series of leaks are to be believed, the big brown mutt might actually be on his way! If so, he’ll be the third character from the Scooby Doo canon, and only the third dog.

Is Scooby Doo Coming to MultiVersus?

If a report by Cartoon Network UK is to be believed, yes. Back in May, there was a trailer for MultiVersus posted to YouTube, and supposedly, the description of the video included a list of characters. Among them was Scoobert himself. Now, it should be noted that, according to Tony Huynh, co-founder of the developer, Player 1st Games, this was an error. It has since been corrected to remove Scooby’s name.

So, as of writing, Scooby is not — officially, anyway — coming to MultiVersus. But, among the possible contenders to be added at a later date, it makes sense for the Great Dane to at least be considered!

Scooby’s Potential MultiVersus Perks

Let’s engage in a thought experiment. If Scoobert were to be added to MultiVersus, what kinds of perks would be available? In this example, we’ll be using Shaggy’s existing perks as a template, as I believe the two characters would be closely related, much like how Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong are in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. If and/or when Scooby is added to the roster, we’ll update this piece to be more specific.

Shaggy’s signature perks include One Last Zoinks, which increases his rage after he passes 100 damage, and Hangry Man, which allows him to charge his rage at the cost of eating his equipped sandwich. So, if Shaggy’s perks both involve eating, chances are, at least one of Scoob’s does, as well.

I imagine that one of Scooby’s perks would involve teaming up with Shaggy in some capacity. Perhaps they could make it so that, if Shaggy equips a sandwich and throws it at Scooby, the Scooby player will automatically eat it, thereby reducing their overall inflicted damage.

As for a second move, I like the idea that, given Scooby is a notorious coward, running away from the nexus point of a battle — i.e., where the action is — would increase some stats for the Scooby player. I am not sure specifically how it’d work within the game itself, but I think that’d be a cool meta-function.

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