Greatest Meals for Every Occasion Member in Soul Hackers 2
Image through Atlus/Sega

You don’t see characters stopping for lunch that always in RPGs. It’s simply type of assumed they’re doing issues like that when the story flashes ahead or no matter. Food is supposed to be loved collectively, although, which is why you may eat along with your celebration members in Soul Hackers 2 to reinforce their talents. Here are the most effective meals for every celebration member in Soul Hackers 2.

In Soul Hackers 2, you should buy meals from varied sources, corresponding to shops, take-out spots, and merchandising machines. If you come back to the Safehouse, you may have your celebration eat the meal collectively, which confers varied buffs till the subsequent time you exit a dungeon.

Here’s the catch, although: each celebration member has their very own culinary preferences. They’ll eat no matter you set in entrance of them, but when it’s one thing they don’t like, then the buffs shall be lowered for that individual celebration member. For instance, Saizo doesn’t like Critical Boscaiola, which boosts everybody’s vital charges. If you eat it, he’ll nonetheless get a boosted vital fee, but it surely gained’t be as massive of a lift as the opposite celebration members. Keep these preferences in thoughts when you’re attempting to optimize a specific character’s construct.

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Also, a number of members of your celebration will normally be out of the safehouse whereas everyone seems to be consuming, so that you gained’t see them within the ensuing cutscene. This is simply beauty; even when they’re not there, they’ll nonetheless get no matter buffs are coming to them.

Greatest Meals for Every Occasion Member in Soul Hackers 2
Image through Atlus/Sega

Here’s an inventory of the varied meals you should buy in Soul Hackers 2, and every celebration member’s affinity to them. For the sake of expediency, we’ll solely spotlight whether or not a personality likes or hates a meal. Otherwise, assume they’re impartial to it.

  • Vitamin Spaghetti: Milady and Saizo prefer it
  • Humble Mushroom Rice Porridge: Ringo, Arrow, and Figue prefer it
  • Chakra Flan: Ringo, Arrow, and Figure prefer it
  • Prayer Bouillabaisse: Milady and Saizo prefer it
  • Negoti-ale: Everyone is impartial
  • Placebo Drink: Everyone is impartial
  • Sancho’s Sweet Potato: Everyone is impartial
  • Critical Boscaiola: Ringo and Figue prefer it, Saizo hates it
  • Dexterous Pescatora: Milady likes it, Arrow and Figue hate it
  • Aim Bambino: Arrow and Saizo prefer it, Ringo and Milady hate it
  • Philanthropic Shoyu Ramen: Arrow and Figue prefer it, Milady hates it
  • Goma Miso Ramen: Saizo and Figue prefer it, Ringo hates it
  • Featherlight Wonton Ramen: Ringo, Milady, and Figue prefer it, Arrow and Saizo hate it
  • Spiritual Cold Ramen: Figue hates it
  • Green Apple Cider: Ringo likes it, Arrow, Milady, and Saizo hate it
  • Purity Shio Ramen: Arrow likes it, Ringo, Milady, Saizo, and Figue hate it
  • Beginner Bianca: Milady likes it, Ringo, Arrow, Saizo, and Figue hate it
  • Farm-raised Eelburger: Saizo likes it, Ringo, Arrow, Milady, and Figue hate it

As for the most effective meals, you must typically prioritize Ringo when doling out buffs, so select her favorites above the others. The Humble Mushroom Rice Porridge or Chakra Flan are greatest for making certain your longevity in a dungeon, passively restoring your HP and MP, respectively. The Critical Boscaiola is good if you realize you’re heading for a harmful encounter, although contemplating his preferences, you won’t be capable of depend on Saizo as a lot for vital hits. Finally, when you’re power-leveling, attempt the Green Apple Cider for an XP increase in opposition to enemies stronger than you.