Spring is bringing in an atmosphere of rebirth with lots of pollen and rain. For those of us who will need to suffer from allergies or want to avoid getting drenched, we’ll need to take some measures. The easiest steps are just to avoid the outdoors altogether and just curl up on the couch, bed, or floor depending on your preference. While doing that, you’ll have plenty of time to play with your computer and consoles and browse some great indie games. To add to your list, there are a bunch of new indie games coming out next month. However, these are the ones we’re waiting to bloom.


Although first-person shooters remain very popular, where they came from has been forgotten by many developers. However, there are folks at Mekworx who do remember and are putting their memories into Supplice. It comes right out of the gate by saying that it draws inspiration from the classics like the original DOOM. That’s right, this is a pixelated-looking affair where you’re given more weapons than any person could ever feasibly carry. Also, you’re not fighting enemy soldiers or human villains, but instead a menagerie of monsters that are waiting to charge into you or blast you with a variety of projectiles. It’s all about moving fast, collecting health, picking up ammo, and shooting

anything that moves.

Supplice will release on April 6 on PC.


The Soulslike genre isn’t the only one that tends to be harsh or bleak you’ve also got the roguelike titles picking up some of the slack. Get a feel for another darker and somewhat gothic adventure that won’t go easy on you in Ravenswatch by Passtech Games. This team is familiar with this kind of style so we’re expecting some good stuff. In another old fantastical world, everything is under threat from an ominous and scary force known as the Nightmare. As only one trying to make the best of their time awake, you’ve gotta fight to put an end to this terror. It gives you a lot of chances to build your character into a slayer of darkness but you’ll also have the chance to team up with others so you won’t face the madness and monsters alone.

Ravenswatch will release on April 6 on PC, Switch, PlayStation, Xbox.

Hunt the Night

The nighttime is both a magical and mysterious time with equal potential for beauty and danger to unfold. With a name like Hunt the Night, it’s clear that Moonlight Games is trying to tell you something before you even begin. As a 2D pixel and top-down RPG, there’s a lot waiting for you in the world of Medhram. You’ll play as Vesper, a member of an organization called The Stalkers, you need to end the night. After day ruled for generations, what remains of humanity is being consumed by the creatures and chaos of the darkness. However, you possess the power of the darkness as well which you’ll need to explore the world, slay the beasts, make up for your past, and hopefully save the day.

Hunt the Night will release on April 13 on PC, Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox.

Swarm Grinder

Vampire Survivors became much bigger than most people expected that it would and has singlehandedly led to a new genre of games. Last Bite Games is trying to put its mark on it with Swarm Grinder. The game is trying to be blunt with the title in the sense that you will be encountering swarms of enemies and need to grind a lot. There doesn’t seem to be a defined story but it looks like you’re a robot or someone piloting a robot in a desolate world swarming with all sorts of creatures. Plow through them in order to gain experience and upgrades so that you can cut through the waves as they get bigger and more vicious. You’ll also need the extra power so that you’ll pose a threat to the numerous boss lurking in the various stages.

Swarm Grinder will release on April 14 on PC.

The Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story

League of Legends is probably the most famous title for being a free game that pulls in tons of money as well as creating a universe that people want to expand. Some of these people are part of the Digital Sun team which is working on The Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story. The team has made hack-and-slash adventures in the past and is now applying its talents to this established IP. You play as Sylas, an imprisoned magic user who has managed to break free and wield the chains that once imprisoned him. As he tears his way through this fantasy world, he’ll gain new powers as he tries to foster a rebellion and make a stand for those connected to magic in one way or another.

The Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story will release on April 18 on PC.

Moons of Darsalon

Sci-fi games have gotten so serious in recent years, but there was a time were the norm was to make them weird and quirky. When you think of Earthworm Jim, you think of Dr. Kuchol Games and their upcoming Moons of Darsalon. It’s a return to the old-school 2D platformers with animated pixel graphics taking place in another world. You play as one of several stranded darsanauts and the goal is to find your fellow crew mates and try to find a way off where you’ve landed. In addition to running and jumping, you’ll also have a jetpack for getting around and a laser gun for blasting away danger. Be as thorough as you want, collect everything you can, and save everybody.

Moons of Darsalon will release on April 19 on PC.

Protodroid DeLTA

AI has become a hot topic as of late and there are countless stories about how it could transform, especially in the world of gaming. For a colorful and more uplifting take on it, you’ve got Protodroid DeLTA by Adam Kareem to look forward to next month. As one of the devs trying to keep the 3D platforming genre alive, Kareem has created a vibrant futuristic world. However, this doesn’t change the fact that it’s in peril and it’s up to an android to save the day. As a pure AI entity, this hero will need your guidance to get through all the difficult hazards and opponents that stand in the way of the future’s future.

Protodroid DeLTA will release on April 27 on PC, Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox.

Volcano Princess

Parenting is arguably the most challenging and rewarding activity that a person can do in their life. As a result, it serves as the perfect premise for a sim game which is what Egg Hatcher is doing with Volcano Princess. In a fantasy land where “volcano” plays a huge role, you are tasked with the upbringing of a very important young girl. You must make sure that she has everything she needs while also being a considerate and responsible parent. You’ll see how she interacts with others and how she evolves based on the activities she undertakes. What kind of person will your little Volcano Princess grow up to be?

Volcano Princess will release in April on PC.

Will Quick is a freelance media wizard living in Spain. When he’s not gaming or writing, he’s doodling comics or whatever else pops in his head.