Greatest Enter the Gungeon Characters, Ranked
Image through Dodge Roll/Devolver Digital

In the lore of Enter the Gungeon, many individuals from all walks of life search out the Gungeon from throughout the galaxy as a result of they’ve a previous that wants killing. The legend of the Gun that may Kill the Past brings forth people who’re simply determined sufficient to hurl themselves into an infinitely-reloading wave of bullets, and so they every carry one thing totally different to the desk. Here are one of the best Enter the Gungeon characters, ranked.

Enter the Gungeon options 9 playable characters, 5 of which can be found at first of the game. The remaining three characters should be unlocked by finishing specific challenges on Gungeon runs. The characters, by our reckoning of worst to greatest, are as follows:

  • The Paradox
  • The Convict
  • The Hunter
  • The Cultist
  • The Robot
  • The Marine
  • The Pilot
  • The Bullet
  • The Gunslinger

The Paradox

The Paradox is, nicely, full chaos. It begins with utterly random weapons and objects in its stock, which supplies it the potential to be unimaginable, in addition to the potential to be utterly ineffective. Considering the truth that it’s important to spend 5 Hegemony Credits for a spin with the Paradox, you’re mainly simply playing on the potential success of a run, and there’s already sufficient RNG to cope with on this game.

The Convict

The Convict’s Budget Revolver is a fairly good normal sidearm, and it’s good to have an additional gun to start out with, even when it’s one as awful because the Sawed-Off Shotgun. That stated, her talents are somewhat underwhelming. The Molotov is a really situational weapon, and the Enraging Photo requires you to take a success to make use of, which is not price it.

The Hunter

The Hunter is an efficient newbie character, as her Crossbow can take out most weak enemies in a single hit, saving ammo in your higher weapons. While her canine’s usefulness is variable from run to run, when he does discover one thing, it may be a lifesaver. Plus, you may pet him. That’s sufficient to preserve the Hunter out of the underside of this checklist by itself.

The Cultist

The Cultist is simply playable while you’re taking part in Enter the Gungeon in co-op, which is annoying as a result of his talents are literally fairly good. His Heart Cookie can be utilized to revive his associate as soon as, whereas his Number 2 headband (love the Afro Samurai reference) boosts his energy when the primary participant is lifeless. Of course, wanting getting a buddy that can assist you, the one means to make use of the Cultist is to start out a co-op game and get one character killed, which is somewhat cumbersome.

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The Robot

The Robot is all about taking part in the lengthy game. He can’t use common health, solely armor, which is irritating, however in the event you can preserve your armor on, his different talents, comparable to his passive energy enhance from selecting up Junk and his electrified bullets, can flip him into fairly the powerhouse. He’s positively a personality that requires some observe and forethought to make use of.

Greatest Enter the Gungeon Characters, Ranked
Image through Dodge Roll/Devolver Digital

The Marine

The Marine is mostly one of the best all-around Gungeoneer. He doesn’t have any notably wacky gimmicks to him, only a good pistol, a free piece of armor, a free ammo drop, and his stat-boosting Military Training. The Marine’s a great character who wish to rely extra on their Gungeoneering fundamentals than kooky talents.

The Pilot

The Pilot employs just a little little bit of what I prefer to name managed chaos. His store low cost and lockpicking means depend on RNG to a sure extent, however not like the likes of the Paradox, the Pilot’s RNG shenanigans are far more throughout the participant’s management. Plus he will get an additional slot of stock area, which is simply all-around helpful.

The Bullet

Strangely sufficient, among the best Enter the Gungeon characters doesn’t begin with a gun. The Bullet’s sword, Blasphemy, is an absolute terror at shut vary because of its high-damage and bullet-destroying reload, and with the boosted invincibility frames from his particular dodge, he can bounce across the battlefield with much less hazard to himself. You simply must get used to being in shut quarters on a regular basis.

The Gunslinger

Considering the hassle required to unlock the Gunslinger, he darn nicely higher be one of the best character within the game. His beginning gun, the Slinger, isn’t something particular, however his Lich’s Eyes Bullets mechanically apply all potential synergies to all weapons he picks up. While this doesn’t essentially make all weapons higher, it does make most of them higher. The Credit price to play him form of stinks, however not like the Paradox, what you’re getting from the Gunslinger.