Minecraft: PlayStation 3 edition screenshot
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Everybody knows that Minecraft caters to those with a big imagination and a key for creativity. As players are equipped with all the tools to build just about anything that comes to mind. Whether that be something as small as a coffee table or as large and extravagant as a modern mansion.

However, of all the things you can build in Minecraft, perhaps the most rewarding structure is a castle. Plus, there are countless designs to choose from, so, you can really let your imagination run wild.

To help you get started, we’ve laid out five of the best Minecraft castle ideas and designs.

#5 – Small Medieval Castle

Small medieval castle screenshot Minecraft
Image via Mojang Studios/Microsoft

Let’s kick things off with one of the more creative yet simple designs, a small medieval castle. Not only is this a relatively simple idea to wrap your head around but it also uses minimal resources and takes up very little space. So, anybody can create one just about anywhere in the world of Minecraft.

In particular, these dark-aged castles are perfect for anybody who enjoys the mystical or medieval-themed realm. Since you’ll primarily be using darker bricks and stone contrasted by wooden roofs, and unique shapes. They also tend to be intricate and asymmetrical, accompanied by traditional and spacious watchtowers on either end. Nevertheless, a great choice for beginners, in particular, who still want to achieve having a nice aesthetic but also a minimalistic design that leaves plenty of room for other creations.

#4 – Sea Fort

Sea fort screenshot Minecraft
Image via Mojang Studios/Microsoft

Next up we’ve got one of the more unique Minecraft castle ideas and designs, the Sea Fort. Instead of building a basic structure on land or on the side of a hill, why not build one out at sea. With nothing but a bridge or two connecting you to the mainland. Not only would it present just enough of a challenge but it would also result in one of the more scenic castle designs in Minecraft.

For this sort of castle design to work, you would need to find a small island off the coast of the mainland. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the size of island conducive to building a castle because you can always take some sand and expand outwards to create a larger island yourself. The benefit to creating a sea fort is that it doesn’t necessarily have to be “perfect”. Since it’s going to look stunning regardless of how straight and symmetrical it is or what materials you use.

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#3 – Mountaintop Castle

Mountaintop castle screenshot Minecraft
Image via Mojang Studios/Microsoft

Another incredibly fascinating Minecraft castle idea is to build a towering castle on top of a tall mountain. Think of the Hohenwerfen Castle in Salzburg, Austria or the Hohenschwahgau in Bavana, Germany. These are some of the cleanest and most iconic structures in Europe, built hundreds of years ago and still skying over the jaw dropping landscape below to this very day.

Featuring a combination of stone, wood and darker peaked roofs, a mountaintop castle is incredibly detailed, which makes it one of the more difficult and time-consuming structures in Minecraft. However, the finished product is extremely rewarding. You can even create a steep, winding staircase entrance as well as trailing vines that blend in perfectly with the mountain below. For this build, you’ll want to find a mountaintop that’s big enough to accommodate your castle but not too close to other mountains so that it would obstruct your new base.

#2 – Dracula Castle

Dracula castle screenshot Minecraft
Image via Mojang Studios/Microsoft

If you’re in the market for something more on the spooky side of things, then look no further than the Dracula Castle. This detailed vampire nest perched high up in the rocky cliffs with lofty towers is the perfect way to put your building skills to the test while also creating one of the more iconic and ominous structures in Minecraft.

Featuring an impressive gothic design, the Dracula Castle is an mesmerizing build are typically massive. They also tend to be built upon the edge of cliffs, so, you should be prepared to devote hours into this build. That being said, gothic castles have been implemented in a few of the latest updates. So, it might be a lot quicker than some other builds on our list. Nevertheless, it’s the perfect way to both frighten and dazzle your friends.

#1 – Big Medieval Castle

Medieval castle screenshot Minecraft
Image via Mojang Studios/Microsoft

Finally, we’ve got the big medieval castle. Similar to the small medieval castle, this Minecraft castle design is centred around the Middle Ages. However, by spending a little more time to create one that’s bigger, you will have more freedom to add in other commodities necessary for survival. Such as a master bedroom, an enchanting table, a crafting table, a large area for chest storage and even more room to expand further.

As for the creation of a big medieval castle, players tend to use a mix of different blocks including cobblestone and dark oak log. Although, since these structures are quite detailed, featuring various peaks and smaller structures spanning across a rather large surface area. This too could take some time to craft. Although, the finished product would result in a truly classic and timeless design that’s built on a strong foundation and can stand the test of time.

That concludes our list of the best five Minecraft castle ideas and designs. Before you go, don’t forget to check out some of our other Minecraft content here at Gamer Journalist. Like the top ten most dangerous biomes in Minecraft or how to install Data Packs in Minecraft Java 1.19 update.