At as we speak’s “Extended” Xbox Game Showcase, Xbox communications supervisor Malik Prince sat down with Bethesda Softworks senior VP of worldwide advertising & communications Pete Hines to talk extra about a number of the video games we noticed over the weekend. Bethesda’s area RPG Starfield was featured, naturally, and the 2 mentioned the open-ended gameplay that enables gamers to search out their very own path as an alternative of merely following the pre-written narrative. 

And throughout the chat Pete Hines casually talked about that you would be able to kill folks, steal their spaceships, and fly away with them. So, there’s that.

“We don’t want to put too many limits on what the player is or isn’t allowed to do,” stated Hines. “We love it when players say, ‘I wonder what happens if…’ and then they try it.” 

At the time he was speaking about stealing gadgets from outlets, however the dialogue shortly escalated to extra severe crimes and having the liberty to play the game the best way you need to. 

“You could spend thousands of hours doing nothing but ship-building,” Hines stated, “and [make that your focus] and that’s okay.” Players may additionally select to only discover all of the planets, or simply observe the primary story line for a extra guided expertise by way of Starfield. “And no approach is wrong,” stated Hines.

Hines then imagined a dialog between two gamers evaluating notes about their completely different experiences throughout the identical quest, with every making completely completely different choices that led to completely different outcomes.

“Oh yeah, I just ran in and stole a ship and shot all of the crew members and took off,” stated Hines. “Like… you can do that? You can do anything. I think that is a special part of a Bethesda Game Studios game.”

“You just gave me some ideas for stealing people’s ships, so I appreciate that,” stated Prince. “That’s going to be top of the list to do in Starfield.”

That’s a stage past stealing somebody’s horse in Skyrim, however helpful info for anybody who wished they might leap into one of many Brotherhood of Steel’s Vertibirds and declare it for you personal in Fallout 4. What you are able to do with a stolen ship in Starfield—strip it for elements, promote it, or add it to your fleet—stays to be seen. You can see the Starfield dialogue beginning right here at about 52:32