Gotham Knights is sneaking up on us. With a release date of the 21st, we are excited to see the progress that this game has made. It promises to be a really fun action brawler, and we’re hoping it can live up to the legacy of Batman games from the past. And even better? We can guarantee that there’s going to be multiplayer? That’s right, you can brawl through Gotham with a friend. Only one friend, but that’s fine. Are you going to be able to crash through Gotham Knights with a split-screen playthrough? Or will this game continue the trend of ignoring local multiplayer?

Does Gotham Knights Have Split-Screen Multiplayer?

Unfortunately, Gotham Knights will not have any split-screen or local multiplayer. While there will be an option to perform a co-op playthrough, you will have to play it entirely online. This does mean that a co-op playthrough of Gotham Knights will require two copies of the game on release. The initial release of Gotham Knights will have only two-player co-0p, despite having four characters.

Sadly, much like many games in modern times, Gotham Knights doesn’t really support couch co-op. While it’s a shame, it is expected from these titles.

From the sound of the developers, we are not going to be getting any sort of support for couch co-op. This is fine, as implementing local co-op can be immensely difficult. But, it is sad to see that we’re likely not even going to consider local co-op opportunities in Gotham Knights.

Gotham Knights will also not be launching with crossplay. If you want to play this game with a friend, both of you will have to get the same version of the game. We do not yet have a confirmed date for crossplay, assuming that it will come to the game eventually. But, we hope this feature will be added in the next few months.

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