It’s been a sizzling sec since I’ve been completely floored by how stunning a videogame’s graphics are. Modern graphics are a tremendous landmark of how far gaming has come technologically in such a brief period of time, but it surely takes rather a lot for a game’s aesthetic to actually communicate to me. Yo Fujii’s Goodbye World has screamed to me from the goddamn rooftops.

A video proven in the course of the Day of the Devs on the Summer Game Fest is embedded above. (It begins at about 3:06:30 into the stream.)

It’s, in a meta type of means, an indie game in regards to the highs and lows of creating an indie game. Outgoing graphics artist Kumade and the reserved programmer Kanii have been friends since faculty, working collectively to create video games that sadly have not actually taken off. The two are struggling to search out the steadiness between pursuing their passions and paying the payments, having to take up part-time jobs to make ends meet.

It’s a story any budding inventive will probably be painfully accustomed to, however the world’s harsh realities are introduced by attractive pixel graphics which are gorgeous even within the purposefully murky decision that carefully resembles a GameBoy Advance or Super NES. Watching the trailer evokes a bizarre sense of nostalgia for a life I by no means lived—maybe it is making me reminisce about video games with comparable vibes I’d play as a child.

Goodbye World’s narrative is introduced by 13 chapters and 12 phases of a puzzle platformer, which has me questioning if we’ll be taking part in by Kanii and Kumade’s game as they develop it. Whatever Goodbye World has in retailer, I’m already very a lot signed up and able to dive in.

Goodbye World is due out on Steam later this 12 months. You can wishlist the game right away, too.