Ever because the glorious demo for New Blood’s Thief-inspired stealth motion game hit Steam two years in the past, I’ve been ready very patiently for it to grow to be a full game that I can play. Thanks to a brand new Gloomwood trailer that simply premiered on the PC Gaming Show 2022, I now know that want shall be (partially) granted in just some months.

Gloomwood is popping out in early entry on August 16. That is presumably the primary chunk of Gloomwood ranges, not the entire game. The affordable a part of me wish to wait to play it till the entire game is out, however contemplating it was my favourite E3 game of final 12 months and continues to dwell rent-free in my noggin, I doubt I’ll find a way to withstand.

Why are I and a bunch of different stealth followers psyched for this specific indie retro throwback? Because Gloomwood is the type of first-person immersive sim that we simply do not get sufficient of as of late. Gloomwood comes from the Thief/Dishonored college of game design, so assume rope arrows, snuffing out lights, stabbing baddies with a pointy blade, and resorting to a gun when issues must get loud.

If you are the kind of individual whose ears perk up if you hear the phrase “diegetic,” then wait till you see Gloomwood’s stock. It’s a literal briefcase that the participant pulls out and units on the bottom or on tables in real-time full with grid-based merchandise sorting straight out of Resident Evil. Objects in your FOV will also be dragged and dropped out and in of the briefcase and grow to be a bodily merchandise on the planet. Rogers used the instance of unloading a bullet out of your revolver and tossing it as a sound distraction for enemies.

New since final 12 months’s five-minute gameplay video is the Undertaker pistol, a single-fire silenced gun that is used extra as a device than a weapon. In an update video from earlier this 12 months, developer Dillon Rogers reveals how it may be used to destroy gentle sources from a distance or rapidly set off explosive barrels with hearth ammo. There are additionally bear traps that remind me quite a lot of those from Hunt: Showdown, which is unquestionably signal.

Gloomwood is not the one game New Blood shared an update for throughout the PC Gaming Show. Throwback FPS Dusk is getting an HD update with high-res fashions that, in accordance with New Blood founder Dave Oshry, “nobody asked for.” Fallen Aces, Ultrakill Act 2, Faith, and Amid Evil growth The Black Labyrinth will all be out someday this 12 months.

As for the 5 new video games that Oshry teased throughout final 12 months’s PC Gaming Show, together with a automotive fight game and an old-fashioned Fallout-style RPG, they’re nonetheless within the works, however Oshry is “still not ready to talk about” them. Fingers crossed for subsequent 12 months, then.