Rogue Company Glimpse
Image through Gamer Journalist/First Watch Games

As if Rogue Company’s library of Rogues to play wasn’t giant sufficient, the builders at First Watch Games added yet one more one at the start of the 12 months, Glimpse. A Duelist character with a very distinctive set of abilities, Glimpse brings her personal new twist to the gameplay formulation that’s Rogue Company, deepening technique, and bringing a studying curve as nicely. Today, we’ll clarify the right way to play as Glimpse so to make the most of her to your group’s benefit.

When it involves how Glimpse is, she’s undoubtedly a silent and lethal murderer to have in your group. Because she’s a Duelist, her specialty is in fight so ensuring you’re using her skills appropriately is what’s going to place you forward of the enemy.

Glimpse’s Ability known as Camouflage and permits her to change into almost invisible. This makes it simpler to get a leg up on the enemy group by sneaking round and ready for the exact time to pounce on them. It additionally serves her very nicely in getting out of bother. Her Passive Ability known as Sleigthy and offers her the flexibility to sense close by enemies surrounding her.

As for her major weapons, she has entry to the Nightshade AR and the Knight SMG. If you’re in search of close-quarters ambushing as a technique, your finest guess is to go along with the SMG for a faster fee of fireplace. Additionally, her secondary is the P12K Pistol and the Kukri as her Melee Weapon. Her devices are the Pop Smoke Grenade and the Semtex grenade. I usually select the Pop Smoke because it creates an important blanket of canopy when needing to dodge furry conditions.

When it comes to picking which Perks to prioritize first, I are likely to seize the Padded Steps which silences her footsteps when not sprinting, Evade which will increase her motion by 15% when being shot at, Hunter which permits her to detect recent footprints, and Stalker which reduces her motion pace by 25% when aiming down sights.

When it involves technique, you’ll undoubtedly need to play her as a lone wolf and attempt to get behind the enemy to dispatch them. You may additionally look ahead to them after which take them out as soon as they move to your focused place. It’s additionally vital to notice that she’s simpler to see when cloaked if she’s moving quick or being shot at. She additionally comes out of it when she’s shooting. Taking all of this into consideration is vital when deciding if it’s a great time or to not be seen.

That’s all there may be to find out about enjoying as Glimpse in Rogue Company! Good Luck!

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