GOG is freely giving Sigma Concept: World Chilly Battle, a technique game set in a future where international superpowers compete over technological advances by sending brokers and drones round an XCOM-style hologram of the globe. It is a game of turn-based espionage that lists Tropico, Armello, Civilization, Plague Inc. and the board game Pandemic amongst its inspirations.

Sigma Concept was designed by Mi-Clos Studio, the creators of the Out There sequence, which is mirrored in its common transformations right into a choose-your-own-adventure game—whenever you’re commanding brokers within the subject, as an example. Every of these brokers comes from a number of 50 named spies, all with their very own backstory and persona traits that affect how properly they carry out and recommend which plan of action you must inform them to take when being chased by means of the streets or attempting to hijack secret paperwork.

There’s additionally diplomacy and analysis, with tech bushes which may unlock hypnotic indoctrination, fight robots, correct prediction of the inventory market, different power sources, or straight-up immortality. The Sigma Concept of the title is a scientific breakthrough that makes all this potential, placing the world on a fast-track to the singularity—assuming the ticking-down doomsday clock does not wipe us out first.

As head of 1 nation’s Sigma division, what you select to do with every breakthrough, whether or not you share it with the world or promote it to a personal firm or maintain it on your nation’s authorities, will affect that doomsday countdown. So perhaps do not flog all of it off to a man who calls himself “”Fortunate Lorenzo” and works for a cartel is what I am saying.

You’ll be able to download Sigma Concept: World Chilly Battle on GOG, where it is free to maintain till 6am on Monday, June 19, PST. GOG can also be having a summer time sale in the meanwhile, which suggests you may as well seize video games like Tangle Tower for 80% off, Outward: Definitive Version for 75% off, Final Name BBS for 50% off, and Unpacking for 40% off.