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Get a Free Copy of Starfield With Select AMD CPUs


Get a Free Copy of Starfield With Select AMD CPUs

On: July 20, 2023

Starfield is almost here, with just a little over a month to go until release. Naturally, that means it’s crunch time in terms of preparing to sell it. Retailers are doing all they can to make sure that buying the game from them will be the best choice. We’ve seen bundles with ice cream, but it looks like the PC hardware market itself wants to get in on the action. Since Starfield has a partnership with AMD, the company wants to do what it can to help the sales of the game while also trying to sell its own computer parts to enhance the gaming experience.

Starfield CPU Bundle

Starfield has drawn a lot of attention for all of the exclusivity surrounding it. Since Bethesda signed an agreement with Microsoft, Starfield (and seemingly all of the publishers’ future titles) will only be released on PC and Xbox. Following this, Bethesda entered into another agreement with AMD concerning Starfield to pair the game with their processing hardware and software.

According to Gaming Bible, this is giving AMD cause to offer bundle deals on some of their CPUs with a free copy of Starfield when purchased. Based on the response, the number of AMD machines in this promotion stands to expand.

In no way is Starfield a light, simple, or arguably even a casual game. The average gaming laptop has a high chance of using all its space and processing power to make sure that this game runs as it’s supposed to run. Even though there has been concern over AMD’s specs being capable of supporting Starfield at full capacity, the company is doing all that it can to build faith — or at the very least offer a good deal. Some of the machines are dipping as low as $200.00, which is among the lowest prices that they’ve ever been.

Consoles and computers work hard to hold games, and even harder just to run them. For PC hardware, Starfield will be no walk in the park. That’s why AMD is pairing a free copy of the game with some of their strongest CPUs, to build both confidence and sales.