Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact

Have you started the particles questline for the Heavenly Stone yet? It’s a global questline in which Jinwu assigns you and your NPC companions a multitude of objectives. Clitopho, a former treasure hunter, Zhiqiong, an adventurer, and Paimon are among their friends (clearly). As you progress through the tasks, you’ll be required to load the cannonball together. But first, it’s necessary to activate the cannon’s defence. So, here’s our instruction to launching the protection on the cannon’s breech in Genshin Impact.

How to Release the Safety on Cannon’s Breech in Genshin Impact

Follow the talked about beneath steps:

  • As you obtain the target to learn the Signaling guide, observe and attain the location.
  • When you work together with the Safe blasting signaling guide, it would state the next:
    • Low lamp publish, high-frequency flicker
    • Middle lamp publish, low-frequency flicker
    • High lamp publish, low-frequency flicker

While Paimon couldn’t perceive what it means, we’ll clarify what to do subsequent.

  • Observe the location by interacting some extent bit additional to where you learn the guide.
  • You will get an goal to launch the protection on the cannon’s breech.
  • This will cause three nearby lampposts to flicker. You must activate the lampposts and adjust their frequencies based on their location.
  • The closest is the excessive lamp publication, which is needed to flicker at a low frequency. Jump and glide over to the next light publication.
high lamp post release safety cannons breech genshin impact
Image Source – WOW Quests on YouTube.
  • As the lampost is neither on a better stage nor on the bottom, it’s a center lamp publish. Change its frequency to low.
  • Now glide to the bottom and publish the final bulb. Turn on the low lampost and increase its frequency to extreme.
low lamp post genshin impact release safety cannons breech
  • You will encounter an enemy guarding the lamp publish. You can both struggle or keep away from it.
  • Once all of the lampposts have been enabled and their frequencies have been adjusted, the cannon may be unlocked and loaded.