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Genshin Impact

While there are other bosses and mini-bosses in Genshin Impact, Oceanid is the only one. Why? Because it has the ability to summon over eight distinct types of mimics in the form of numerous creatures. These animals include frogs, ferrets, cranes, and others. Because it is resistant to hydro assaults, all of those critters are resistant and resistant to hydro assaults as well. So, which characters must you choose in order to defeat Oceanid? Here’s our guide on the best Genshin Impact characters for defeating the Oceanid.

Best Characters to Defeat Oceanid in Genshin Impact

In addition to the Hydro elemental type, Oceanid can be ineffective against Anemo and Dendro elemental types. They are, however, vulnerable to the Cryo, Pyro, and Electro elemental characters. As a result, the following characters are most suited to defeat Oceanid:

Lisa Minci

Lisa’s ability to freeze nearby opponents allows her to repeatedly freeze and utilise electrical attacks on the Oceanid. Violet Arc’s elemental skill allows her to apply a stack of Electro conductive standing on him. If you use Kaeya beside her, their combination can rapidly beat Oceanid. To eliminate Oceanid, be sure to employ Lisa’s stacking attacks and Kaeya’s freezing attacks.


Yanfei, also known as Smoky Scarlet, is a Pyro elemental character that can beat Oceanid. Her elemental skill and burst may do significant damage. Although her pyro attacks are effective, you may desire a healer or a protect character, such as Noelle and Diona.


Because she will be able to utilise bows, this Cryo elemental character will be able to use long-ranged attacks against all of Oceanid’s flying mimics. Her fundamental abilities and bursts aren’t just effective, but they also increase their critical price from the second strike. She has the ability to freeze and soften her opponents. Ganyu will be able to beat any Oceanid mimics just because of her Cryo component, thanks to a significant DPS build.


Keqing is most likely the best Electro-type character towards Oceanid. She is one of the most powerful characters, with a particularly high DPS. In addition, she is the quickest and most pleasant with crowds. Because of these factors, she will be able to easily combat with a variety of Oceanid mimics.

Kujou Sara and Fischl

Both of these characters are Electro elemental characters with a great deal of strong elemental knowledge. Kujou Sara, who is skilled with bows, will be able to deal with long-ranged attacks. While Fischl’s elemental ability can summon an Oz, an evening raven that can attack nearby opponents at the same time. Their combination balances out long-ranged and close-ranged attacks, which is a devastating threat to Oceanid.