Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact players will find that they need a lot of different types of resources to handle various things. Sometimes items found in the world can be used in powerful alchemy recipes, and certain items such as dandelion seeds are needed for character promotion. Lotus heads are another item that players need very much, because they often appear as commissions from adventurers’ guilds.

When asked for daily commissions, distributing lotus heads to adventurers’ guilds is a very easy way to get a lot of adventure rank experience. There are other rewards related to it, so Genshin Impact players are best to buy these rewards as early as possible.

As with any item in Genshin Impact, the game itself will tell the player the approximate location of the lotus head and the recommended area for many of them. In addition, players also discovered that several areas are rich sources of lotus heads. When these come up as commission requests, collecting some now can save players time and help players quickly gain adventure ranks.

The lotus head can be found on lakes and river banks in nature, most commonly in the Liyue area. The following locations are generally considered the best locations for rapid planting of Lotus Heads:

  • Luhua Pool
  • Qingce Village
  • Ponds around Liyue Harbor
  • Hidden Palace of Guizang Formula
  • From expeditions to Guili Plains and Dunyu Ruins

In addition to commissions, the lotus head can also be used in two alchemy recipes and various cooking recipes, including a Hydro potion that increases Hydro damage or endurance, and a 4-star Jade Parcels food that provides players with powerful attack power and crit rate.